Friday, June 22, 2012

Respectfully United

A family is a unit. Papa, mama, sisters, brothers... you. 

The worse thing a papa could do is showing no respect towards a mama in front of his children. The children will grow to adopt this attitude too you know. And by the time they reach adulthood, mama is just someone who gave birth to them, someone who cleans after them, but not someone they should listen to or look up to.

Well yes, adult children should know better how to treat their mother but a father plays a very important role in showing a good example. Believe me, this is so true! I have seen with my own eyes how bad a whole bunch of siblings and their father treat their highly educated career mom. Uh-oh... The mom holds a high post in her organization but at home, her children show very little respect towards her. When the mother asks something, her children seldom give a pleasant look back. All this rude attitude towards their mother originates from their no-respect-for-ma-wife father. I don't have to tell you how the father talks and treat his wife. He is indeed a scum bag! Dick head papa...! Excuse me. 

Sadly, her children has been living with this their whole life, it is their way of life. 

Not all children react this way, doesn't mean papa's rude to mama, they should treat mama like dirt bag too. There are children who have more sympathy toward their mother and would even try to make their mother feel more appreciated and loved. Seeing papa treats mama like some low life makes them support mama more... 

How to have a loving unit if children don't have enough respect for their parents? 

Papa & Mama , Do Not :-

1 ...scold your spouse in front of your children, never in public, and most definitely never ever do this in front of your other relatives. This will lower your spouse's dignity in front of everybody. 

2 ...raise your voice when upset with your spouse. As if showing to your children that it is okay to treat your life partner like a punching bag. 

3 ...give negative remarks on mama's cooking or mama's household management skill in front of your children. Papa may do so in private, with the most loving gesture.

4 ...start saying "You wouldn't know, you're just a housewife!" to mama. Dear husband, try giving birth to your children. This remark clearly teaching our children that being a housewife is unworthy, that mama has a 'cheap' and an ignominious job. *who said that!!!?? Come let ME CUT YOU INTO PIECES!!* Errghhh!

5. your spouse with others. That's a BIG 'Do Not'. There's a way of telling your darling how he or she should do things a certain way that was nicely done by others. Just don't say, "Aaaahhhh... Why can't you goreng the nasi like Kak Leha Gerai Janda Cantek does??" If this was me, you couldn't start to imagine what I'm gonna do with my massive kitchen chopper husband! :p

Okay, cool now.

Well, just a thought. So, papa (oh ya! I'm referring more to papas out there), remember, only speak highly of your wife. If you cannot say anything nice about her (means, you don't want to angkat bakul lah), or TO her, better just not say anything. Humiliating your own spouse is not far different from belittling your own marriage.

Have a nice weekend everyone :)


Coffee Girl said...

sounds like the couple already fell out of love. familiary breeds contempt they say? sigh ...

ehem... familiar juak kapet ya. Pullman ka Four Points? hmmm

Ida BorneoLove said...

carpet belongs to Grand Margherita Hotel dear ;)

heheee... had u guessed correctly, I would have given you something as a prize ;)

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