Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not So Fashionable Fashionista ;)

I can't believe I ever wake up to the day when I fall victim to fashion! ;)

Hhahahaa.. it sounds too exaggerated when I said it. Because I am not a fashionable person! I'd love to be, but the title don't seem to fit, well... at least that's how I feel. 

Wenny was coming over on Friday morning and I wanted to be 'ready' when the headband arrives. Was thinking all night what to wear for Friday and couldn't wait for my little parcel =)

We're having an official ceremony at Kubah Ria on Friday afternoon and I've decided to put on one my kurungs and it has to match my birthday present from Swooshy Pink headband

Man oh man! I LOVE it!! And the best part is, the colours were picked by sayang and I must say, he sure had a good eye on fashion! Hahahaaa.. LoL :)) Everyone in the office love it too... Oh ya..! I was showing it off to everyone and one colleague just had to bow to my request for few shots with my new fashion accessory :D

Thanks so much Swooshy Pink. I'm totally inspired to be a fashionista! :D

*I'm thinking to order one in my favourite colour Gray* :)


Wenny said...

It's been my pleasure :) and I'm glad you like it.

Ida BorneoLove said...

thanks again love! ;)

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