Thursday, June 7, 2012

Net Friends

Julie & I has gotten well acquainted through facebook 

My dearest good friend Ina is residing in the Middle East

What would we do without the net?

Can you imagine our world without the internet??

Well, I can. Hey! I'm older than some of you guys and I have lived the life without cell phone, internet, facebook, google and what not. Hmmm.. it was quiet but, we managed... OMG! No cell phone, wow! If I had to live that life all over again, I would have no problem with it, honestly. There's always the snail mail, which is/was more romantic and personal I believe. Yeaa... I love writing using a pen and on a piece of paper and I truly love receiving love letters from him, those sweet old days. *grinnnnnn*

And facebook? I do not know about you, but I sure am glad I'm living in this era where staying in touch with friends around the world has been made easy by the superb technology we're enjoying every second every minute of the day.

Ex-colleague Val now working in the Cambodia

Val was transferred to Cambodia about 2 years ago and this was the first time we've seen each other since then. It was a really nice surprise when she messaged (few days ago via fb!) and said that she's in the building. "Wokay! I'm coming down right now sista!" heheehee.. Well, sounded kinda like that ;)

It was a short sweet one hour goin' down the memory lane chitty-chatter with darling Val. She invited me to join her for dinner with few other of her friends but I couldn't make it. She'll be flying back in about a week's time and I made her promise me that we'll meet again before she flies off. Happy to see her, really happy... 

Val didn't have my new cell phone number so she smack my wall with her number and insisted I call her right away, which I did :) Phewww... So glad for fb. And, we'll continue  updating one another on the blue walls as long as we both shall live :D

Julie and I didn't go to the same school or worked for the same employer, but we have quite a number of mutual friends (on fb apparently). We have never been on outings together but we've shared loads of fun comments through the social web page. So when we met at a local Indian restaurant few months back, I just had to have our pics taken together, and that was the first ever pic of us both. I think she has the most pretty little face, don't you agree?? =)

I bumped into Ina (my old friend of 27 years) literally in the middle of the road (pic above) and I'm always, always glad to see her. I'm lucky if we got to meet up once a year whenever she's in town. As I recall, it's always accidental, either at McD or at one of the shopping malls. Hopefully I will see her this year, maybe spare an hour or two to catch up, face to face InsyaAllah. In the mean time, we'll stick to emails. 

Glabalized Dayung is in town and we've been trying to fix a place and time to meet through Coffee Girl's fb wall :D This has been going on since last week but we haven't really set a date yet. Hahahaa... I love THE WALL!! *thumbs up!*

No, I've not met these two cool ladies yet... I sure hope I get to meet these blogger friends of mine real soon :)

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