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Mother's Day Interview (2012)

13 May 2012 New Sunday Tribune

Geraldine Sim of New Sarawak Tribune wrote »

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On her experience being a working mum, Event & PR executive for Sarawak Plaza, Riverside, Waterfront Kuching & Kubah Ria, Ida Athanazir shared;

"It can be hectic (and time consuming) when I have to work weekends but I know I've signed up for it. Although I love my job, it can be stressful at times, especially during event dates as there are a lot of details I have to look into. That's when I've to juggle household chores, time with the kids and my commitment to my job responsibilities."

"I'm working mainly for my family's livelihood, but as long I've been working, I've gained a lot of experiences that I value so much. All these experiences in fact, have taught me a lot to be a better individual and a knowledgeable mother. You don't really have to be a career mum to gain knowledge - being a stay at home mum gives lots of opportunities for women to grow too like by joining an organisation or a club. I'd say, 'make yourself useful to the society', while taking care of your family and home."

"Juggling motherhood and career isn't easy. But it isn't too hard either. What you need is focus, discipline, patience and lots of support from your husband and children."

"I've never had extra help (maid) so, my recipe to managing my daily routine (household and work) is to always try to be ahead of things, ie don't let the laundry sits there for days, get the dry ones put away (neatly) in cupboards where they belong (so you don't get all crazy and angry looking for them when you need them), clean and clear everyday (pick one part of the house each day) so you won't wake up to a jungle of mess on your off days. Then you can really enjoy your off days, as I do not want my 'off days' to be dubbed as 'cleaning day'."

"The same goes for the workload at the office. I will settle what needs to be done at the office and try not to bring work home. Once I reach home, I'll start dinner and get the laundry going. As my girls are all grown up now, half the time the laundry would be done by the time I get home. I never insist that or force my children to do the housework although that's one of the ways to get them to help around the house. I especially wouldn't bother them during exam."

"Sometimes my husband would go on work trips outside Kuching and I'll have to be the mum, the dad, which can be tiring. I always tell myself to take things one day or one thing at a time. Sometimes I will call my sisters my help."

"Outings with friends are only once in a blue moon. Honestly I'd rather spend my precious free time with my kids at home or just go jalan-jalan or makan-makan with them."

"My family would usually go out together, all the six of us - we prefer it that way. For as long as my husband and I have been married, we've never gone anywhere (holiday trips) without the kids. I can't bear the thought of leaving my kids behind while the two of us enjoy a special getaway alone together."

"If I could I would give up my career to be a stay at home mother. As I said earlier, I work mainly for the livelihood of my family, but don't get me wrong, I love my job. I dare say that I have one of the most exciting jobs around. I'm very lucky to have the chance to do what I do for a living. I'd love so much to stay home and spend more time with my kids because they are such fun bunch to be with! I'm lucky that I married young and that they are all grown up now. My daughters and I usually hang out together like girlfriends."

"My job demands my full attention. Luckily, my children and husband understand this. I don't really emphasize on having 'me time' because my 'me time' is the time with my kids. That is why I don't indulge myself in salon or facial time as these activities would take up so much of my precious time. I can say I've been able to divide and balance my career and family life to my satisfaction. Only sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming."

"I believe we, women, have supernatural human strength. We can do that we set our minds to do. Being responsible to the job we're assigned to and not forgetting that we're mothers at the same time will help us adapt to our daily routine. Only then we can achieve balance in life."

"Being a mother shows you there are no limits or boundaries to how much love you can give. What's been rewarding for me is seeing my four children grow into individuals with their own characters. They excel in their studies, which is most rewarding, and above all, are good obedient children to me and my husband."

Athanazir M. on his wife, Ida:
My wife knows and shares the importance I put on family values. My love for her grows everytime I see the love she gives to our children and the care she gives me.

Ayu Z. on her mother, Ida:
My mother supports me in everything I do; everything I do is also for my parents. She is there for me whenever I need her and always love me for who I am.

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