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Mother's Day Interview (2011)

8 May 2011 New Sunday Tribune

Grace Balan-Law of New Sarawak Tribune wrote »

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For 38 year old Ida Athanazir, Mother's Day is a day to remember the unconditional love and sacrifices made by this one very special lady in our lives. Ida, who has three daughters, aged 19, 17 and 13 and a son aged 7, said that her own mother is very special.

"She went through a lot of pain and heartache at a very young age. She was around the same age as I am now when she became a single mother. It was even more difficult for her because she had to go through a very hard time in her life alone as we all lived with our father," recalls Ida.

According to Ida, Mother's Day brings about a combination of happiness and sadness.

"I am happy to see that my mother has forgotten her bitter past, and always look forward to seeing her grandchildren whenever they visit her. Only your mother would love you no matter what and even though she may be angry with you or hurt by you, she would always be there when you need her."

Ida and her family would normally go for dinner on Mother's Day. On Mother's Day morning, her children never fail to wish her Happy Mother's Day, and her son would present her with a handmade Mother's Day card signed by all the children. It is a simple yet sweet gesture that Ida appreciates and looks forward to each year.

"Being a mother has made me a gentler person. I say less harsh words and I have definitely become more patient. I cannot imagine going through what my mother went through, having to live apart from her children but I understand how she must have felt." said Ida.

"As my children grow, I feel sad because it means they are leaving home for further studies and then of course one day they would get married and have a life of their own. My eldest daughter is already living away from us as she is in university and soon my second daughter will go too. Nothing beats the feeling of having all of them under one roof. When we go out, my kids would squeeze into the back seat of our car and joke with one another. Their laughter from the back seat is just heavenly to hear. That is happiness to me."
For expectant mothers or new mothers, Ida's advice is to "Enjoy the time with your baby as they grow fast. And before you know it, they are moving out."

She also said that cooking for the children is one thing she finds important as they will forever remember even the simplest meal cooked by mum.

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