Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss Kumang Of All Races

Chinese participant Jesslyn

Top ~ Linea (Parkson)
Bottom ~ Levi's baybehh! ;)

Malay participant Natasya

Some of the audience who came to watch our Little Miss Kumang 2012 at Riverside Shopping Complex last Sunday commented that I should also be wearing one of the local traditional costumes. Oh my! I surely would love to but to rent a whole costume would cost me an arm! -____-

I would very much love to wear a local native traditional costume, I do...

I interviewed some of the participants and their mothers, one simple Iban costume was purchased a little bit over one thousand Ringgit! WoW! The effort these parents pun in really moved me. And we did not restrict Miss Kumang participants to be of Dayak racial background only, there were Malays and Chinese Kumang hopefuls too. We had so much fun :)

Now I wanna touch on what I wore Sunday.

*whispering* ... guess how much I purchased this cute little flowery number. 

GUESS !! *not whispering anymore*

After 50% discount I only paid RM39 =)
If they had other colours, you know what I would have done ;)
Heheheee... I guess my 'costume' was the cheapest one around that day hah??

Affordable & comfortable suits my monthly paycheck very well girl. Certain things are worth splurging on and some things aren't. Remember, I have 4 kids in school (two of which are in a University already) so, spend wisely Mama! 

Magrina (second from left) presented the prizes to our winners. Magrina was crowned Miss World Harvest Festival 2012 that took place on 26 May at Sarawak Cultural Village. She was one of our Miss FITNESS participants in May. 


Coffee Girl said...

cheap! and nice! you make em look classy baby! :-)

yalah tek, coba pakei kostum iban tek kan ka kacak? dpt jadi Ratu Kumang terus. hehe

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hah! Ya lah i sik maok pakei, kelak lain pulang attention, heheehee :p

tq sweetie :D

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