Monday, June 25, 2012

Look Who's Talking

Rating at No 6 on my love list, the salmon sashimi

My two girls and I share the same palate and it's always double the fun going on sushi-ing outings with both of them. Seri arrived home Friday evening for a weekend break from campus and I couldn't help noticing how 'smaller' she has become. 

'I basically eat once a day maa.. No time for dinner laa...'

Poor baby... Imagine that? Did I mention she also has to climb four stories up to her room like maybe more than half a dozen times in a single day?? Well now, I'm being melodramatic here. Other kids do that too ~__~

It's okay, this will take you to the path to success.

Hani was fasting and she was ready to dine like a Queen after Maghrib. Plus Seri was looking so much like a walking hanger already... I'm telling ya, if they had asked for a late supper that night after the two dinners, I wouldn't mind spending extra bit more to satisfy their cravings. Only for your loved ones... You would only do this for your darlings loved ones, I'm sure all parents would agree with me. Most especially when it comes to food, no compromise when it comes to food requests. Well..., depending on the request ya, can't afford the RM30 per plate steak too often now, can we children? ;)

We were on our way to Sushi King when sayang (kinda) protested to the idea of having dinner there, 'What about me? What am I gonna eat there??' With his cute smirk, what a baby!!

My love don't do eat sushi y'all. Whenever he's forced to accompany me for a trip to Sushi King, he'll opt for the limited menu of cooked food. *boringgg* You should see his face whenever he's in Sushi King, he'd turn blue from holding his breath ;)  ...he can't stand the smell inside a sushi restaurant :p

'We want to have seafood.' sayang said and continued... 'so how??'

'Yeaaa... I want buttered prawns maa! Nyummms! The buttered prawns crumbbbss..!' Arman seconded his papa now crying out that he's about to die of hunger. 

By this time, I could already taste the seafood cream style soup on my tongue. 'But sayang, you have to join us. It wouldn't be fun without you watching me eat my raw salmon...'

I gave him my giant pout, and clearly being selfish and ignorant of others' appetites. But I was wanting seafood too, but already promised Seri & Hani to dine in at Sushi King. Sushi takeaways isn't fun at all. I was torn apart *more drama*.

-_____-   sushi seafood sushi seafood sushi seafood

'Welllllll, let's have sushi anddd seafood.' Hani suggested like, dhaa.

'Ok. Let's just decide now. Adek, I will drop the three of you at your 2nd home, and Ayu, Arman and I will go to Topspot for our dinner. OK?' With that said, it's decided, we're splitting into two groups. 

'And paa, after Sushi King, I'll join you for seafood too.' Hani said with a huge grin that you can't say no to. 

Hani & Seri
'aerRRkKKk' *burping*

That look says, 'Ma, I'm ready for seafood now.'

And so we left Sushi King for Topspot right after clearing our plates, like in 30 minutes! Sushi King was regarded as an entree for the night ;)

'C'mon mama... MARCH !!'

*...reaching Topspot*

'Hani! We take the elevator love..' I was already panting between steps.

'Ahh...? Elevator?? Mama, that's only like 5 stories to the top lah maa. 
You can do it mama! We don't need elevators.'

O_O # This girl isn't serious??! Is she??? #

Apparently, she was! I managed to snap a shot before I took my seat, while trying to catch my breath after the marathon entree and the climb to our main course table -_-' Food that sayang ordered have been served by the time we arrived. Seri, Hani & I joined Kak Ayu, Arman & papa for some hot creamy soup (ohh.. way much better than cold salmon) and yummy scrumptious buttered prawns! Errmm... I lied! I love the cold salmon better :D

Seri, you gotta eat a bit more sweetie... 

'uh - oh... ok..' #in between texting#

No, we don't do this often. It was too extravagant but, one night in a year is okay bah! Was fun though. The three of us laughed and giggled all the way from leaving Sushi King (in three quarter full stomach!) to Topspot. Heheee... -oh man- What am I teaching my children?? :p

I'd miss these moments during weekdays and that's why I'm always eager for the free weekend to welcome me, I mean, for me to welcome my free weekend :) Till then... have a good week love! =)

And don't eat too much now. Look Who's Talking ^-^

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