Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Headbands By Swooshy Pink

Each bead was stitched one by one directly onto the ribbon that's 
wrapping the headband, @ only RM33 per piece :D 

I've seen it, touched it. I assure you ladies, for that price, the quality is worth way more than what you have to pay, which is again, only RM33 each (for the above design). *another wide grinnnn!*.  I had to ask Mona twice when she told me how much she paid for the above piece, I was taken aback.

Ehemm...! My sweet friend Mona owns quite a number of these Swooshy Pink headbands already, and still ordering for more, and Hari Raya is coming dude! I'm sure she'll be matching her kurungs with her wide collections of these affordable handmade stunners =)

*Plain Headbands are also available in any colour of your choice 
and size at RM40 for 3 headbands. All prices does not include shopping* 

Each headbands designer has their own unique touch and style, not to mention recognition & followers. Imitation means copying designs from another brand, putting another logo to your creation and selling them off at a cheaper price. Then again, it is up to individuals to characterize what imitation means to them...

There's no law that says you cannot create headbands that would resemble another design by other accessory makers. Still, it is up to the public to pick which they prefer. Let people make their own choices according to their budget and tastes. Like I said, each designer has their own specialties. I believe there is no such thing as imitation or replicating designs in the art of producing pretty headbands. If there were, I can also say others are imitating my headband beading work ;) Well, yea... I used to sew beads & little pearls on plain headbands too, as a hobby when I was a teenager. Just that mine weren't created during the facebook era :p 

No more time for that hobby now *sigh* 

My Hani loves sewing beads on her stuff... I guess it is true when they say, 

'Mana Tumpah Kuah Kalau Tidak Ke Nasi' means, 
Like Mother Like Daugter (???) Hope I got that correct...

Party Queen. Darling Mona's latest splurge! ;)

For more info on these handmade headbands price and shipping arrangement, please contact Swooshy Pink FB page directly. 

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