Monday, June 4, 2012

Dream Like Rumah Hijau

I dreampt of running a little restaurant of my own... Menus ranging from what I usually cook for the kids to some random easy to prepare food recipes. And the little (ultimately that shall grow to be the 'it' place in town) restaurant would be named, 'Borneo Love'. OK?? *blush*

I am confident I could do it, and I do plan on cooking everything by myself until I could find someone (a chef) whom I can really trust to manage the kitchen without me. Hey! I've experienced cooking for 50 people sista! All by myself... Yup! That was nasi lemak with ayam goreng and sotong sambal. Don't forget nasi ayam for 100 people... Wow, that WAS a lot of chicken people! *phewwww!*

To manage a whole restaurant I have full confident of, I do. But, I haven't gather enough guts to leave my steady job. Working a full time job and running a business at the same time would drive one nuts. It is possible to do, but I don't want to get there. I've been there, it was okay, it was manageable, but I'm choosing not to lead that life all over again, just yet. It'd be too hectic, too stressful. 

It would have to be me running my business full time, no more 8-5 job. 

We had our late lunch today at Rumah Hijau at Rubber Road, Kuching. Sitting there got me thinking of my little dream restaurant. I would prefer a house rather than the usual shophouse, like the Rumah Hijau cafe. It would be more fun to decorate a house with more of a homey feeling :D 

No wonder the place is always dead packed! The ambiance is just so cool, and warm at the same time! Lurrrrrrve the super cute decos :)


Mizz Coki said...

blm pernah dtg sitok hanya mendengar cerita di kiri dan kanan telinga saja.
maok mek dtg sitok kelak ehehekekeke.

Chii said...

gud luck in opening ur own restaurant!

mun dh bukak padah k :))

Tia said...

that place memang cantek tapi selalu pack. Foodnya memang delicious...

sama lah kita ada angan2 mukak kedai makan.... ermm moga2 i impian kita tercapai...

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