Monday, June 11, 2012

Affair With My BB

This lady can't go on a candle light dinner...
No eye contact how to be romantic?

Sayang has gotten really upset with me over my (stupid) BlackBerry for quite a number of times already. 

Well, ya.. I blame my phone for causing the stressful drama. Really don't like it when sayang starts acting all distant and cold. All because of the little gadget. I admit that I can get a little bit carried away with the affair with my BlackBerry. Kinda hard to ignore when you have like 3 emails, fb inbox, twitter (for work), bbm and texts messages to attend to. But I'm setting my priorities straight, we don't like spouses' angry faces now do we?? No, No. 

So, we were having dinner the other night with the kids at McDonald's when I noticed this lady sitting eating texting (or whatever else she was doing..) all at the same time next to our table. One time she had her smartphone balancing on top of her bag, left hand holding her burger, right fingers sweeping left right top to bottom bottom to top the screen of her phone. The reason why she caught our attentions was because she's doing this 'exercise' from the moment she sat down, like definitely more than 30 minutes (because when we finished our food, she was still at it), so engrossed with whatever she was looking inside the screen.

MOST of the time the guy just kept to himself, eating quietly, and she, she just kept her eyes on her phone, while munching!! Seriously, I think this affair with a smartphone was way too much for any guy (or lady) would want to handle. Honestly we pity the guy... He spoke to her, few words, few lines, she didn't even give eye contact when she talked back to him. Nope! She did not look up even. Just... chomp-chomp kept stuffing her mouth with the burger alternately reaching for the her drink and mumbled (to the guy), looking down with her wide eyes still on the screen.


Ladies & gentlemen, this is a very bad habit we're adopting. So not good for the relationship, really. I can understand the young lady's temptation browsing on the net like no ending I tell ya! But, these gadgets isn't suppose to take control of the time you're suppose to enjoy with your darling... You know., Eating together gether and talk chat about the day... 

I think some of you have seen the same kind of scenario around... Like, try to put the phone away for a moment won't you please?

Let's say the guy actually doesn't mind it, that he's used to it, errmm... I don't think this should be it, I mean the 'he's-okay-with-me-busy-on-the-phone' bit. The lady was as good as sitting there having her dinner alone, by herself. I think if the guy got up and walked away and disappeared, maybe she would only notice his absence after an hour or two. 

I am reminding myself not to start having a serious affair with my BlackBerry. I am also reminding myself that my BlackBerry can wait, that being to attached to it can create an unnecessary emotional stress when hubby starts to become sulky, no LIKE. 

Aawwww... so sweet. The Duke and his Queen.
After over 50 years together, they still look at each other the same way they did decades ago...

Eyes people! Eyes on your darling ya... ;)

Heheee.. imagine walking together in the woods, hand in hand, one hand holding each other and the other busy texting or browsing, all 4 eyes on the phones. Then who would be watching what's coming in front of you?? Sadly, that's what we see these days..


Chii said...

sis, i think the girl was doing it on purpose. maybe she doesn't like the guy?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Ohh Chii... love your profile pic girl! ;)

Heheee, i like your theory darl! but probably that's not the case..? the guy seems so nice :)

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