Thursday, May 31, 2012

Super Bargain Shopping

Top ~ The Executive
Pants ~ G2000

What'cha gonna do during this longgggggg break peeps?

Heheeheee... Oh ya! In case you haven't heard, Sarawak will be enjoying a super long cuti this weekend, from Friday till Monday y'all! That's four days!! 
*if only you could see my face now :D* 

We love you PM! Mmmoooooahh!! ;)

Yaaaahhhoo! *pouting lips at the 'hhooooo'*

I just can't stop grinning ear to ear. My goodness, I might as well stay home full time, no? Always always get so overly excited whenever public holiday arrives. No work, more tv time, more eating time, no work, ... Oh Gosh! More SLEEP! ^-^

Other than more sleep, I will do some window shopping, which, half the time would end up with me going back home with some shopping bags. I realize I'm running out of tops, especially to wear to my events. Can't be wearing the sammmmmme thing each time now can we?? Reputation people, reputation must take care ya! :p

If it was up to me, I'd go in my gray T and jeans, each time! We love comfort. But, I've been giving serious thoughts on the comments I received. Friends & colleagues say I should 'dress up' a bit as I am the emcee the event organizer and, 

'People look at you maaa... Pakai cantek sikit.

I could only, 'Mmmmmm...' 0_0

and, 'Okay.'

I do understand their concern, thank you guys :) Really appreciate it! I will do my best not to give them (anymore) eye sore. Gonna put on some more nice things instead of the gloomy gray T, I promise! :D

One awesome purchase that I have to share with you guys is this super chic The Executive polyester white shirt that I bought at The Spring Parkson last week. If paired with my jeans I will look like one of those glamorous Hollywood moms =) 

hahahaaa... I WisH!

This one purchase was definitely an opportunity worth grabbing! ;)

How much? Well, brace yourself ladies.

I'm gonna make you squirm...! Or not.

After 70% discount, I only had to pay...






RM27.00  a true bagain!

I guess my gray T is only good for picking 'mata kucing' at the family's
backyard aee? Okay then... paham dong! =D

Happy holidays and 
'Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai' :)

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