Thursday, May 31, 2012

RM49 MNG Purse

Imagine having to have to turn my wallet around at the cashier, while the cashier awaits patiently for me to hand some cash to pay for the items I needed to purchase, with the obvious tear at the back of my wallet showing. Embarrassing.

Hmm ...

Well, to me, it's not that embarrassing lah..! "Nah!! Look at my wallet, isn't it looking cool??" :p 

Just felt a bit self-conscious with the idea people around noticing my over-worn wallet. Not too bothered, but I'd like a new wallet.

Been eyeing on MNG purses for years but they always cost to much for my liking. RM80 is okay but, didn't. I never had one. So when ex-colleague came to the office yesterday and shared her purchase of the day with us all, I just had to visit the nearest outlet the soonest I left the office. 

I have been doing purse hunting the past few weeks, even considered Elle, Bonia, Polo and Carlo Rino... Somehow I'm just to stingy to part with over RM150 cash for myself. FOR MYSELF. Can you believe me??! 

So, Yatie said they were having a sale and this one only cost her RM49 ! 

I beamed! :D

There were no 'sale' notices in the store so I asked one of the nice salesgirls how come my friend got a great bargain on a purse she purchased very recently. "Oh ya... The purses have had prices slashed down. Most of them :)" ...she pointed at the purse cabinet.

Maybe you should check them out yourself too :)

Another awesome worthy bargain! Yeaaayyyy!!! 

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