Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rare Shots

We were having our late lunch last weekend at a local family restaurant when I happened to take a peek under the table. I do not know what I was looking for but I loved what I found 'down' there...


It's a rare scene. Like any other teenage girls, my daughters usually prefer to put on the most comfortable foot-wear ever invented on the face of the earth, the flip-flops ... to my dismay. 

As far as I can remember, the flip-flops weren't my choice of casual foot-wear for outings when I was a teenager. They're too, way much too casual, and , errmmm... too blahhh. Not elegant, not feminine at all. But it seems that the flip-flops are one of the most chic & common preferences these days. 

Yeah! I would wear them once in awhile. 
I've to say, they are too comfortable to resist =)

So, that afternoon I found all my three girls had the converse style foot-wear on.

You know, when you're a mother, any photo of your children is precious and memorable. This one's for keeps! I did remember which pair of feet belong to who at the time, but now, I can't tell which are Ayu's, Seri's or Hani's.... Heeheee

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