Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Tongue Piercing, TQ!

My 14 year old Hani
only one extra piercing was allowed

I'm not at that age anymore when you're eager to get more than one piercing on each ear... I have few cousins and friends who's had their ears pierced all the way up to their ear lobe! I honestly think they look super cool! Yeahhh..! Rock it girls!!! ;)

*rocking symbol with 3 fingers out!!*

Errmm.. Me trying to sound/look cool ae? =) haahahaaa... didnt work ;p

One of my kids' aunties (my cousin, to be precise) even suggested to my daughter to 'upgrade' to nose stud, because that cousin of mine has one herself (yup! she's one cool chic, and mom!!). Would I let my daughter get her nose pierced..? Maybe I would, otherwise I wouldn't be as cool now would I? 

"tongue mama, the tongue??"


My 20 year old Ayu
was allowed double piercing... more?? will talk bout it later..


[z@ck] said...

just wondering why teenagers love to have more than one piercing? mine got one je. nak tindik tu pun seksa menahan sakit.inikan pulak more than one.hehehe.

LadyKath said...

Cool mama! ;) My sisters have more than one piercing. I myself have 2 but I don't wear earrings nowadays.. Maybe I'll put mine on soon ;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

when i was much younger, i intended to have extra few, but that time couldn't afford... after awhile, it didn't matter to me to look cool, coz that's it correct??! extra piercings are kinda cool :D

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