Thursday, May 17, 2012

NO Sex Before Marriage

'Giving yourself away' just to secure the relationship might end up with you having to have to pick up the pieces later, alone. Deeply heartbroken, feeling used and depressed would be the last thing that you want out of a relationship. Let me tell you this ladies, this horrible mess is bound to happen. Yup! It's a real mess. So, THINK before you do it. 

I've seen, I've heard too many, wayyy way way too many of this (sad to say) common episodes. Girls willing to have sex with their boyfriends just to make sure the guy's happy, and so that he won't ever leave. And always always always, too often, suddenly he's not interested anymore, suddenly he's always busy, always no time for you... after getting what he's been after. 

All of a sudden, you're all alone, virginless.

Sweethearts, please... Please wait for the right moment to come along. If he's angry or upset or won't speak or becomes cold towards you because you said, 'I Want To Wait.', well, he's not worth your virginity sayang. Not Worth YOUR VIRGINITY. And most definitely not worthy of your LOVE.

Okay, if that wasn't enough to convince you, let me tell you another fact.


It Is Fun And Romantic the first time, only when you are MARRIED. You hear ME ??!

Imagine your misery, after experiencing something new, something scary, something (you think... well, supposed to be!!...) romantic, and kinda painful, only to have your boyfriend telling you the next two days (after your first time having sex together) that he's been too occupied with 'things' to even text you one little message. Yea, he's gone M.I.A. after 'that night'. He didn't lose anything girl, YOU DID!

I know where he's gone...

He's been going around telling his mates how much of 'a man' he is now... Jerk!

That is one son of a b**** !


He sends you a message! He's taking you out for a movie tonight. YeaYy! He's not a jerk after all, no no... He's a great guy, oh ya, HE IS! Then after the movie, he asks you if you two could do it again. Errggghh! Getting you to go out with him just to get laid again. 

What does that tell you hun?

Please girls, don't let your heart rule your head. Don't let his pleas (pujuk rayu) melt your girl power! Oh man! I'm sure all that fondling, touching you at the right places, that blah blah blah... is making you feel like you're in cloud nine like 'ooohh laa laaaa..' but remember! He's heading for 'THAT'. That is all. Men would do anything to entice you, all the sweet words, the never ending 'You're so beautiful like an angel' half the time are just ways to get you into bed with them.

So stupid of you if you would fall for this line, 'Once, just one time... please baby..?'

One time is all it takes to lose your precious virginity girls. It's absolutely still not okay to have sex even if you'll be married in a week's time, or that you're engaged to be married. Don't.

Guard your 'ver-J-J' and keep it for your husband only. 

Guard your 'ver-J-J' like you would guard your precious expensive new shoes that not just anyone could simply take them out of your closet and wear them to go to the fish market... Okay, not that your 'ver-J-J' can be purchased or anything like that. You know what I mean. 

Girls, your VIRGINITY is the most precious thing on your body. Don't waste it, please don't. If he starts with this line...

'If you love me ...'

And if HE loves you enough, he would not force you to have sex with him. If he (AGAIN I'm saying this) suddenly becomes distance after you reject his request, forget the loser, move on sweetie. You're worth more that what he thinks you are.

REMEMBER>>> Say NO To Sex Before Marriage. Your True Love Would Wait :)


ada van de kamp said...

Amazing entry!! I really enjoyed reading all ur posts since these past few years (couldnt remember)...i think since i was in my first year of degree and now i'm in my 4th year!! reading ur blog is like reading a magazine. why dont u just be a journalist? hehe.... love ur blog!!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Ada,

oh wow oh wow... My day just couldn't get any better after getting this comment from u! Tq love :')

And what an honor to be 'there' the whole time you're studying, thanx so much .

Hope I'll hear this again *winkwink*, while you're doing your PhD ;)

Fareez Mansur said...

I learn something new today :)

lemonade said...

I must ask my kids to read this! thanks Ida

Ida BorneoLove said...

oh my dear... you are so welcome! :D I'm glad I wrote this one

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