Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Future New Phone

Curve  9360

They wouldn't accept monthly installment so, I'll wait then...
Wait till some RM1,000 in cash rain on me -__-

Last night, sayang & I ended up arguing about me getting myself a new BlackBerry. The time has come, I need to get myself a new cellphone. What made us both caught in a little row was when I disagree to purchase anything above RM1,000, or nothing more than RM1,100...

"Adek, the new Bold is super awesome... And the latest Curve would only cost us an extra 300-500 bucks."

*talk to the hand*

I'm sticking to my budget, thank you sayang but, no thanks. 

Yup! This wife don't bother about getting the latest gadgets, no no. Am not bothered... So long I'm able to text, able to send messages, receive and make calls, fb-ing in style (cyehhh...!), I'm good. No need those state of the art latest in the market whatsoever super expensive BlackBerry. 

I'm targeting something a little bit 'newer' compared to my current one, nothing too fancy and definitely not too expensive. With a better clearer megapixel. I'm an easy girl for my hubby to keep... Except that, I have a penchant for diamonds ;)

Which I am not dreaming of any, not for now. Thank GOD for sayang! =)

So. I'll have to stick to my long serving Curve for now. 


Till next post, smile & cheers everyone :D

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