Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Nah! Yes super super short! Yes yes, memang sayang but, all gone now. 
Let's grow more hair peeps! I'll race ya! ;)

Theme was turquoise.. of course I had to scramble through my little wardrobe and could only think of this old chiffon kebaya. 

That was quite a weekend... I was still a bit bumped out (shocked, really..) for chopping off my mane on Friday. Well yaaaaaa.. Who can I blame...? It was my own conscious decision. What done is done.

Honestly felt a bit reluctant to go out in public with my shorter hair but, I didn't have a choice now, did I?? Imagine how dreadful it was for me for having to face the press on Saturday morning while I was still feeling a bit down from missing my long hair... Aiya. 

Yup! It was Press Handover day and I'm about to put myself in the media for all to see my shorter hairstyle -oh man-

That was like three days ago, I'm much better now, thank you :D

Okay, back to Saturday... Sponsorship handover with Miss FITNESS contestants and Lea Sports Centre done. Lucky lah the girls! Free sports wear for them to work out in, jealous lorrr... I'm jealous and plus, no more long hair on my head. Arrghhh... And the girls had to come flaunting their gorgeous long curls in my face! 

Oouch! O_0


But hey! Who received free ticket to dine at one of the top Hotels in the city?? Wooohoooooo!!! I did ;)

Yup! Darling Salbiah called on Saturday morning inviting me to join her to the Saranita Mother's Day Dinner. Actually, I wasn't really up for it... You know, going out so soon after the haircut. I wanted to wait at least till my hair is like 2 inches longer to meet people but, whom am I kidding?? So I went, happily :D

Theme was turquoise, got myself all stressed out (unnecessarily) over a theme outfit thingy. Silly. I managed to put a simple ensemble together, thank god! Really, I'm lacking proper rest. Been working non-stop, everyday, since last Sunday 6 May... Can't wait for this weekend event to be over and done with... 

Of course, what was really bothering me was our Mother's Day event the next day on Sunday. And of course the never ending ... 



Mingguan Sarawak 13.5.2012, among others

Some of the photos of our successful 
'Mother & Daughter Lookalike Contest' on 13.5.2012 @ Sarawak Plaza

The winning team,
Sophia and her 3 year old daughter

2nd place winners

3rd place winners and Mother Of The Day winner, Norida

The Star 14.5.2012

Pengarah Biro Wanita, Puan Norjanah Hj Razali
presented the prizes to all winners & participants

More pics here :)


∂∂kajan said...

u still look good with short hair la kak ida :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thank you dear ddkajan, now I can't wait to grow it dahhh...


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