Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sitting down starring at the computer for hours has caused my visions and brain activities gone haywired! Somehow in between preparing documents for the accounts department, my mind got temporarily 'disconnected' and I've officially changed Miss FITNESS title name to Miss FINTESS ! O_O 

-oh man-

Tq Thelma (hairdo Sarawak Plaza) darling for sponsoring the hair makeover for our
Miss FITNESS contestants

After salon, they went out to play! ;)

These three girls suggested the four of us 'stop traffic' by posing
in the middle of the road for few fun shots :D

Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza 2012 begins ...

Me, fourth from right, with the rest of the 2012 girls,
in Nestle Fitnesse t-shirts

Sponsored sports wear, Lonsdale from Lea Sports Centre 

Super FIT Head Judge, Mr Busman 

Miss FINTESS and Miss FISSNET ( ??? ) 

Congratulations Helina & Farahana!

More pics at our 'BuzzKUCHING' facebook page.


Coffee Girl said...

Wow traffic stopper! phewwwiiittt!! That girl Helina looks familiar though. hmmm...

Ida BorneoLove said...

Heheee... When the pedestrian crossing beeping warning went BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!! like beeping telling us 'get off the road!', the girls & I scrambled running left & right like some crazy chickens! Hahaaa..

Helina is the spitting image of our Miss FITNESS 2010 runner up, Aniscia:-


Ida BorneoLove said...

Coffee Girl, I also put up a gorgeous pic of her here:-


Coffee Girl said...

Thanks Kak Ida. :-) lovelies! but aa... i still think Helina looks familiar. must be working in one of the agencies i have lots of interaction with. haha

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