Monday, May 28, 2012

In Her 40s & Looking Fab!

I was so lucky to catch her outside the hall,
everyone was also trying to get pics taken together with the lady of the night.

Darling Debra :D

What are company dinners without some group photos and few quick 
come-let's-pose-for-my-camera-since-we're-all-dressed-up snaps!

The food was great (but I avoided the rice altogether) and the room was packed with colleagues, plus one very familiar celebrity face. One very very beautiful lady I Have To SAY, Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina. She was accompanying her husband, Dato' Sri Effendi Norwawi, a former SEDC Executive Chairman. 

Datin Sri was looking absolutely stunning last Friday night, though dressed quite simply she was indeed the star of the night... And speaking of a star, she sang Anuar Zain's 'Sedetik Lebih' confidently! Lovely performance =)

* * *

I love food so much. How to maintain super svelte like Datin Sri Tiara??! 
How ... How ...


There's no denying that the only thing standing between my growing spare tire and me looking super fit is, working out 3-4 times a week! Not exactly complaining, because, the state I am in isn't bad at all, really, it is not. What helps me stay 'in shape' is my food portioning. But then again, I do feel I'm putting on weight these days, slowly. It's age. 

I'd usually have less than half a plate of rice or kueh tiaw (I'll have it when I crave it) and avoid sugar drinks after 6pm (I try to do this after 2pm, few days in a week). Some say they can't go to bed hungry, well I can. If I have a light dinner and usually it's before 8pm (with no sugary drinks), like anyone else, my stomach would start a samba by 11pm. What do I do? I'll drink plain water and, sleep it off. 

Will power people!

... which isn't easy.

At this point sometimes, I'd walk to the kitchen and munch on 1 or 2 Jacobs crackers... A-aa, hands off those sweet vanilla coated chocolate cookies dear! Not good. Tempting yes, very very tempting. But *visualizing Tiara's small waistline* o_O

Keep in store some healthy crackers for light snackings. Errrmm... Try to restrain yourself from chomping down the whole tin ya? My personal favorite is Jacobs Oatmeal :)

Sucking in my stomach each time walking in public doesn't seem to be a good idea anymore these days as I'd turn blue from blocked airways -____-
The only thing that would really make some sense and to actually have result shown in order to look like a true celebrity mum is to attend some very serious aerobic classes. Heheee... Did I just say I wanna look like a celebrity mum?? :p

No, not what I meant. What I meant was, I want to be a super fit mum, like super fit super slim celebrity pretty mummy Datin Sri Tiara :D

Mission to accomplish~ To look gorgeous as ever ever by the time I'm Tiara's age (*yea right*). So lah cantik though in her 40s! 

SEDC is 40 !


RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

ooo kak ida, you look so cute with your new short hair..;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thanks Miss Butterfly! :)
Though I believe Tiara looks ways super awesome & cuter in short hair :D

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thanks Miss Butterfly! :)
Though I believe Tiara looks ways super awesome & cuter in short hair :D

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