Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Know It Will

Seriously, it is too short.. Too much (of my hair, MY HAIR!) gone -__-

But, it is a good haircut I've to say. 

What hurt me is when Arman said he wants his Mama's hair back... I think he's only used to seeing me in long long long hair. *sigh*

And Seri and Hani > "Ma! Oh Ma!! So short... You better take more of that Collagen thingy and get your hair to grow FASTER!!"

Ayu >  O_O

Sayang >  :)

Well he better! Otherwise I'll have a melt down... Tq baby :D
He said I look like a girlfriend. Aawww! So sweet ;)

I know, it was my own decision... Not that my hair's not gonna grow back and I really really wanted a big change. Ya! Big. I do like it, really. Just that I do know that I look way better in longer hair. This is temporary, it is, I know it is.

Still have that knot in my stomach but, it's done. All that hair gone now. I'll get used to this, I know I will...

That article will make it a better weekend, I know it will.


Chii said...

i think this haircut makes u look younger :)

elva said...

bgs apa rambut pendek , nampak mudak you.

Ida BorneoLove said...

hahaaa.. Elva, not my intention to look younger darling, really. But thanx a bunch! :D That really helps, heheee ;)

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