Saturday, April 7, 2012

White Stars

I walked into the room to ask my daughters if they approve of what I put on today... Although it was only a very simple ensemble. Yea, sometimes I'd love to hear their opinions because I do not want to look, 'wrong'. 

Huh! I knew I had to ask. 

They were both already all dressed and guess what they had on??

Ayu ~ "Mama! Oh my... This is weird. So weirrrdddd. I put this white shirt on FIRST and Seri came in asking if the white shirt she's planning to wear would look okay on her today. And now YOU Ma!!?"

Seri ~ O_O

Me ~ "Hmmm... Well, I'd like to wear my white shirt. I don't mind it that we look like some band members"

So, let's :D

After trying on the undergarments that I purchased later, I just had to snap us together. It's been awhile since I've done this (inside the fitting room) and it is a lot more fun with a few more people joining in :)

Two more off days, two morrrrree! ;)

Then I go to work, then CUTI aGain on Wednesday :D

I loike !

"Mama.. we give you 10 STARS for your look today. We lovvvve your look." Aawwwww... So sweet comin' from your own flesh & blood. *beaming* 

So, meaning I have to wear this everyday...?
Because I love getting stars from my girls. 

Reality sets in. Love the compliment, yes. Yes, so nice to be complimented by your daughters. Yes. But. No. No, how to wear this look hari hari then?? Not possible. But I'm glad, glad that I have this blog to document our identical looks :)

So glad =)


Chii said...

10 stars because they wear the same outfit, lol!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Heheeee... that makes it 20 stars for me!! Tq love ;)

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