Friday, April 27, 2012

Which Look?

Well okay. I am worried.

How to wear these pants??

But first, I sent them for alteration this morning and had to leave it at the tailor again for few more hours because one side was sliiightttttly longer than the other.
Ohhhh dear... Stress! -___-"

So, that was one BIG ProBlem aee...? As if :p

Back to the original problem. Yup! I do not know what kind of top to pair with the pants. I've got this invite and planning to wear my new palazzo pants then :D

But errmmm. No clue which blouse would be suitable. I need help. 


Google is always here to lend a hand, so to speak... Thank you Google for the help. But again, WHICH?? Aiya... Cannot decide which look to go for O_0

Busy busy weekends ahead. Buckle up! ;)


Tia said...

dear... go with ruffle top..

Ida BorneoLove said...

heheee... kinda sexy don't you think? ;)

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