Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trust For Credibility

One of the judges for a singing competition later had a little change of mind that one of the participants should be given the opportunity of advancing into the next round, because the participant indeed, has an incredible voice and is very very talented. 

"We have to stick to our decision that we made that day. I too, agree with you, that the participant is one of the most promising contestants. But we all agreed that night that ***** was lacking versatility, and was over-confident. Thus, resulting in the participant projecting a taking-for-granted attitude in the last performance, affecting the showmanship markings..." 

Others might not agree with the judges' decision, but judges do have the final say. If they decided to overturn the decision, they'll risk losing their credibility, and the contestants' trust. 

Judges/juries of any form of competition are no difference from leaders. 

Leaders are the people whom we look up to, whom we learn cool business strategies from, and with whom we turn to when the printers don't print. Well, not for our leaders to fix, but to seek approval for repair. 

Credibility equals Trust.

We look up to our leaders because we trust them, as simple as that. Once we lose the trust, you can say 'hasta la vista baybehh..!' Leaders may gain power the soonest they're up there, and they could also lose it in an instant. They may still have the power, but, losing trust from employees means losing respect. Oouuuccch! Hmmm, I know... Oucch-ing in the gut isn't tasty, nope! Nope! Nope!

Leaders are human too, no difference from the tea lady, executives, clerks, typists. They make mistakes, some are humongous ones, some very little tiny ones... Like, not putting the toilet seat back down, hahahaaa... contoh je ;)

But, if he is a good leader, the mistakes he made aren't that so much big of a deal, because he has the utmost respect from his fellow employees/co-workers. Credibility probably would chip slightly, but then again... his employees & co-workers will always got his back!

It's not easy managing people, and not to mention managing the organization at the same time. If you have a bad habit, it does not mean you cannot be a leader. You can, but you gotta leave that bad trait out the door hun! If you bring it together with you to work, you'd better be ready to have it thrown back into your face. 

And before labeling others badly in reports, look at yourself in the mirror first... Ermm, not to check on that piece of spinach stuck between your teeth, but... Hey! You're the leader, you should know what the phrase means ya!

Bak kata kita orang Sarawak, "Muka Ko Diat."

Learning is a never ending process. These are good books. Read them, gossips can wait. 

Thank you for your attention :D

Have a good Sunday y'all! 


AMK said...

...and without trust what is respect. One of your many best Borneo Love!

Diana Guess said...
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