Sunday, April 22, 2012

That Pants In My Head

Work has not been crazy, it IS crazy!

Starting next weekend, my event schedule is packed for the whole month of May.
-oh man-

But it's okay... yeah. Because I found D perfect palazzo pants yesterday!! Woohooo!!!

No. Shopping doesn't make the work-dizzy go away, no it don't.

BUT, let's enjoy the excitement a bit ya? For now :D

I wasn't really looking, but I had this image in my head of a simple simple very simple good quality palazzo pants, and yes, that image included a satin ribbon around the waist. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these Valentino Rudy simple black number with satin ribbon! Y'all!!

My Valentino Rudy palazzo pants 

As how it would look when you have them on :)

I know!!

Perfect right??? Thanks to my darling sayang. He was the one who approved of the purchase. Well, it was also all me actually... Heeheheeee... I gave a little bit of rub here and there, and by the time I got to his back, he said..

'OK! Buy.'   ;)

Hey! This was no small purchase peeps. The pants originally cost almost RM200 but after some discount, I paid a bit over RM120 for them. Hmmm... Now that I have them, I do not know if I should wear them, sigh. Well HelO! I'm so afraid I might ruin the pants by sitting in them too long, or I might have it stuck on plant branches, or worse! I might get chased by a dog and the dog would rip the pants between its teeth! Aiya! Stress. That is why I don't like expensive purchases, they give me silly unnecessary stress O_O

I know just the solution! If I ever wear them, I will avoid sitting, 
and I will avoid the jungle.. 

OKay?? Cool, settles then >_<

Honestly, I'm just trying to enjoy this free weekend. May is madness. But hey! This one I gotta share with you guys. Harian Metro (New Straits Times & Berita Harian group) and our side is planning something exciting for Kuching ladies, ahhh!! I'm just so excited. OK. I can't reveal too much as everything is not 100% confirm yet. I'll give you a hint...

Puteri Metro.

Once things are in place, I'll announce it. We get through Mother's Day Mother Daughter Looakalike & A Song For Mom competition first, ok? And oh Ya! Miss FITNESS :)

Speaking of FITNESS... Nature is calling people. I've to 'go'. Mmmm.... Can you blame me? After that bowl of Nestle Fitnesse Cereal and half cup of Nescafe, there's no stopping me to get to the loo ;) Kita cuci perut duluuuu!!!

Happy Sunday lovely people! :D

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