Saturday, April 14, 2012

That Bra

Pierre Cardin brassiere 

This brassiere is perfect to cover your cleavage that's showing outside the top you're wearing... You know what I mean??

I'm not talking about the cleavage 'skin', I'm talking about that area around your cleavage that's actually covered by your top, but still show the shape or silhouette of your cleavage. This happens to me whenever I wear my jersey top, specially the loose fitting ones. Depending on the temperature and weather I presume, the material on your chest sometimes would stick to your skin. Thus, making your cleavage appear visible through your clothing, only short of one's imagination. 

Wearing a camisole was the only option I had whenever this 'problem' occurs. Yup! Too sexy for me honehh ;)

Some of you may have purchased this bra, it has an extra piece of soft satin-like material strapped over the cups. Having it on makes the cleavage 'invisible' from the naked eye. But to those who love the plunging neckline, or a slightly low-cut front, this cute design provides the much needed not-too-obvious-purposely-showing-a-bit-cleavage look. Heeheee... And easily mistaken for a simple top when worn with half button up jacket. Super cute!

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