Monday, April 23, 2012

Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza 2012 - Press Briefing

Ooohhhh yesss!

It's here again and I'm super excited to meet up with the 2012 girls for the very first time. We're having a press conference and a product briefing/official handing over with Nestle this Saturday at 11am. The girls will be given boxes of the Nestle Fitnesse healthy breakfast cereal and they're gonna start with the '14 Day Challenge' starting Sunday. 

I tried this product myself you guys! I achieved my ideal weight and I felt more energetic and less sleepy during the day... Because I've been consuming and enjoying too much unhealthy food, I think I ought to start with the '14 Day Challenge' again. If you'd like to know how the '14 Day Challenge' works, come to Sarawak Plaza Lower Ground Floor this Saturday at 12 noon.

Try it, it works! :D

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