Friday, April 6, 2012

Leggings O_O


Tell me none of you wear your leggings like this. 

It's different on models on the runway. Well HellO! BECAUSE, they look like mannequins people. Not to discriminate others, or the lady above. No one should wear leggings with saggy butt showing. Okay... Okay. Even if our butt are perfect like the yummy round butter bun, I do not think this is the way to wear your leggings. Tight jeans and pants are different, the materials are way thicker. 

Oh lord! I do not even want to imagine how her front look like *shriek!*


Choose a top with longer hemline, enough to cover your front, at least. For aerobic session, it's totally okay. But not for shopping, jalan-jalan cari makan or the office! God not the office!!


Chii said...

i second u kak ida! hehe

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hey Chii... in fact, I do hope a lot of the ladies out there are with us too.

Marcy J said...

You are not the only one who felt weird upon seeing girls/women wearing leggings inappropriately. Even a guy friend of mine was ashamed upon seeing this exact same situation as yours. He once asked me, "you don't wear leggings with short tops/blouses right? It just felt so wrong." Coming from a guy, if I were the girl who we commented that night, I would feel embarrassed. What do you think? :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

I would not just feel embarrass! I think I'll hide myself inside the leggings :p

And so, men also don't fancy this look. :)

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