Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It May Be The Last...

Ex-colleague Elvie came over to collect her final pay cheque. Syira stood up straight away when she saw Elvie at the doorway and was ready to throw her arms for an embrace but Elvie didn't seem to welcome the hug. I think I knew why... But I didn't want to not hug her. I was just behind Syira and as soon as Syira let Elvie go I went straight in to hug her too with a hello...

"No hug.. No huggggss please." I could feel she was reluctant to receive my hug, but I didn't care! I pulled her to me as close as I could. Yeaaa.. I got that hug :)

Elvie's brother Stuart passed away suddenly last week, four days after celebrating his 12th birthday. We couldn't hold our tears when Elvie gave details on little Stuart's funeral. I cannot start to imagine Elvie's parents states, as Stuart was their baby, the youngest of five siblings. When we heard the news last Wednesday, I couldn't get myself to call Elvie. I only texted her to offer my words of condolences. If I called, I knew we would only cry cry cry and cry, gag, cry, sobbed, cry... That was why she didn't want to be hugged, she's shedded enough tears already. 

Elvie with her late brother, Stuart


It was a sad week last week... Hectic with workload, but it was nothing compare to have to suffer losing your loved ones. Few days after Elvie's loss, my eldest daughter Ayu received a call on Saturday afternoon from one of her closest friends informing her that their close friend K.K. has lost her beloved mother. *Al-Fatihah*

I first met K.K. sweet mom when our daughters registered for their first semester at Uitm Kota Semarahan in June 2010. The four of us clicked instantly!

K.K.'s late mom, seated

The chain of sad news started with the demise of our neighbor Haji Hussein, who passed away while he was in the holy land Mecca while performing Umrah two weeks ago. That was a real shock... I've known him for over 20 years and Hjh Mariam (his wife) is one of the sweetest people I know. It's gonna be a bit weird not hearing his 4wheel drive pull up his driveway like it used to.

My heart goes out to the families... May their soul rest in peace. 

They say live as if you were to die tomorrow. If you knew you only have a day to live, what would you do? -.-

I think, most of us would choose to spend more time with our loved ones, to say what we've been meaning to say, to apologize for whatever hurt we've caused and, to honor the promise we're supposed to keep. 

Almost too often after learning the passing of someone close, we would first try to dig through inside our memory box by pausing a second, and think hard when where we last met. What did we say to each other? What were the last words, what did we talk about?? Gosh... He was so much alive then, but he's gone now -_____-

Always people took for granted how bad they treat others. Worse when it involved family members. We all break promises. But don't make up stupid silly lies... please don't. When we DO have to break a promise, tell the truth why. It's okay if you have other more important plans, just tell laa... Don't lie. It's so ugly when the person you lie to finds out the truth. Ouuuchhh... x_x

You do not want to regret it later what you shouldn't have done, what you should have said... Be nice to your family & darling friends. It may be the last time you'll see them alive.


∂α∂уαиα said...

i was truly sad hearing the news of little Stuart passing away and cried so hard that night because it seemed unfair for a young innocent kid who hasn't do much in his life. i was at his school for 5 days(a week b4 he departed) and i remembered him asking me to take our picture together but we couldn't make it. it really sadden me till today although i don't know any single thing bout him but 5 days being the teacher at his school somehow connecting me to the kids. :( rip Stuart.

Ida BorneoLove said...

I never met him but I cried, what to say you, who educated him. Be thankful for you met an angel...

:') RIP Stuart

Elvie Kaming said...

I wish I can say my last goodbye once again with a hug. if only I can say how much I care & love him ever seen he was a baby. Having him as my little brother, is the best thing ever happen to me. He's the best among the best. He is full of love, will never be harsh to childrens... he just love to smile. He'd suffer enough, so it's better to be this way. sik mok nanga nya luka2 gik. I just hope one day nya 'visit' me in my dream. I badly miss him :'( Kakak really miss you Ncen..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Elvie honey... *hugs*

He was a lucky brother.

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