Monday, April 30, 2012

Healthier Option

So, whenever I can, I would stock up some iceberg lettuce in our fridge. We're trying to lessen consuming oily food, however we can. It's very simple.. Salad sounds somewhat (to some..) complicated, but it doesn't has to be ;) Kids also need to get used to having vegetables as one of their main dish and this has to be taught to them at an early age, hmm... as if you never heard that before :p Heeheee..

And fish.

I lovvvvve fried fish! 

But this one, I wouldn't say it's the healthiest way to eat it. Deep fried is always the most preferred, traditional kampung style :D

Yummy crunchy fried fish reminds me of my childhood days... Mom always fry fish, all sorts of fish, always fish fish fish for lunch dinner. Fish day and night, not other meat, mostly fish fish fish! 

That is why my favorite order at Salleh Corner (located at Perumahan Baru, Petra Jaya, Kuching) is always the 'Nasi Ikan Penyet'. Suuuuper huge serving I must say. Dipped with 'cili padi in kicap' some more! Huisshhhh!! *drooling..*

Yup! I'm a slave to 'ikan goreng' :D

Ikan Penyet at Salleh Corner

We try our best ya to be as healthy as possible..., but sometimes 'iman tak cukup kuat'. But, try. Try real hard. I'm also trying. At my age it's not an option, it has to be a daily routine. 

Okay! I hope you have a good start for the week. Make sure you clear your in tray today ya?? Because esok cuti! ;)

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