Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Business Over Steamboat

D11 BBQ Steamboat
at Ban Hock Road, Kuching

Having business meetings over meal is nothing that I actually fancy. Especially when you opt for steamboat. Mannn.. -oh man-

You ended up eating more that you should, or, should I say, more that you chew! We decided to place our 'catch' onto the hot plate and inside the boiling water before we started our business chat. 

The problem was, when we started eating, that's also when we started chatting, talking, making up plans, deciding, disagreeing, swallowing, laughing, gagging on food, ... Errr. You do not wish to be with us that night. We were the most rude looking madams! LoL
Well, I was the worst of all. I was still cooking and chomping down prawns when Izan & Neilly were allready done. 

"Don't mind me guys... Hope you can just be extra patient accompanying me, ya?? Ya?" between ripping off a barbecued prawn's head with my teeth 0_o

My sweetheart friends, Izan & Neilly

Over a year old pic of us three :)

Had to put this pic up again, we didn't have a shot together that night... After our eating adventure, the lady sitting next us refused to take a pic of the three of us together. She said I was a monster eater, 'embarrassing!!' :p

Plans 70% organized, dates marked and we're all happy with the outcome of our meeting. Next thing to do is, to execute :D

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