Wednesday, April 11, 2012

23 Perfect Years

Perfect husband, perfect wife, doesn't mean perfect perfect everything. 

All of us have our own imperfections. We try to be perfect, we try to look perfect, but none of us are. We may look perfect to others, because they like us to be, because we are their source of inspiration. For me, Maya Karin looks perfect, although she is not actually. But I like to say she's perfect because she is a beauty inspiration to me. 

My husband is perfect, to me. 

He is perfect because he loves me no matter what, because he makes perfect sandwiches, because he love me unconditionally, because he loves the smell of my fart... Okay, that's not true, what I meant was, he still sits very near me and wouldn't mind kissing me seconds after I release some smelly wind :D

Today 23 years ago we accepted one another as 'special someone'. We've been through thick & thin, Maggi mee & steaks, happy & grumpy and loads of hugs & some serious 'am not talking mode' moments. I understand his gesture and I know what he's thinking, sometimes.

To my husband, I am perfect. That is the reason why I feel very special. 

Here's to another 23 years, and more! 

Tq sayang for the perfect sardine sandwich! ;)


Alv0808 said...

I love how the word 'perfect' define by you.. thumbs up!!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thanx hun!

Each one of us I guess has our own definition. Depending on individual and their life partner :) Lain orang lain selera ;)

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