Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trending Information

In my crappy Sunday comfies ;) 
*making full use of the sunlight reading the Sunday papers*

In order to become well informed of what's happening around, one can't expect to have news & details to be served on a platter whenever the need arises. I don't read as much of the local news to the extent that I should be, but I do try, I really do. It's part of my job.

It has occurred to me in realization that new shopping malls will soon be the new places to hang out. That is why any organization (shopping complexes in particular) that has the common objective to gain more shoppers, will have to step up and get out of their comfort zones to be more 'out there' and, different... Us included. Yikes -oh man- 


Fret not!... Laksa Sarawak is here to the rescue :)

Sunday treats. Well yea... Not too healthy, I admit. But they make me happy :D
*apam balik, nescafe & laksa sarawak habis-sudah* ;)

The Star 4.3.2012

With that said, my colleagues and I have organized more activities for all to participate for the whole of 2012. Truthfully, it's not just to draw more crowds to our properties, for me, it is our way to give back to the community. For starters (errmmm.. which started like 2 years back ^-^), most of the activities I've organized, there're no fees charged & we worked hard at making sure everyone didn't go home empty handed, though they didn't win top prizes. Cool ha?? I like :D

I will go through anything informative, fun, with comprehensive details and of course, anything of an eyesore, I'll ignore. Keeping tabs on the local fashion scenes have given me some ideas on what the new generations are up to and what the current  and cool trends are. Trends I don't just mean by fashion, everything from the latest favorite I.T. gadgets, the latest Youtube (local) superstar to the recent health findings. I will apply these infos where ever related and whenever possible to my daily routines... Work, family, blogging, relationships. Semua taroh! Hmmm, that sound's more like a Curry House... *gheee heeeeeee* :))

Really, if you know how to make use of information out there, you will never be left out. Being on top of EVERYTHING is something you should do for yourself first. Not to impress others, not to make yourself appear intelligent, or not just to fit in in an elite circle. Remember, people like ladies who are smart and, in touch with factual reality.

My weekend reads 

As much as I love reading the international magazines, our local publishing should also get the praise by giving us fellow readers the comprehensive information on the local showbiz and fashion trends... Thumbs up InTrend! Our very own Malaysian's celebrities never looked better :) I mean..., don't even compare them to the super rich 'queens & princesses of Hollywood'. The Hollywood starlets may have the money to buy the world, but our Malaysian women are the ones with the true natural beauties :D

So, don't just do the twitter trending thingy ya? Fb is good too, but don't get all hooked on the unappropriate time-wasting activities. Go grab your dad's newspapers and feed yourself with the latest news on the next general election! Urrmm... that general election thing is optional guys. And for the record, I'm not political :D



stresssik said...

hii.. just jogging at your blog and increase your nuffnang money :D *cheers*

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hey stresssik, funny how u don't actually make things seem stress-ful :)

So kind of you! I thank YOUUUU!!! Cheers :D

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