Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Table For Two @ Ah Kang's

Cucur udang, rojak & our favorite, jagung ais!!

Swee Kang (or Ah Kang, as normally known by us Kuching-ians) is a place like no other... I've been visiting the iconic (yes, I'd say it's ICONIC!) eatery ever since I can remember, ever since they started at the 'open air market'. It IS a place like no other because there are couple other places that serve the 'jagung ais' and 'kacang ais' in Kuching but they're no comparison to Ah Kang's.

Swee Kang Jalan Haji Taha is located very very near to Arif Hotel, Dormani Hotel and Laila Inn. Well, if you're planning to visit Kuching, these landmarks are just a simple guide for you to get to Swee Kang. Come laa!

Sayang & I went to have a little bite (yeaaa, what turned out to be 3 yummy servings!) while waiting for the 6:15pm school bell rings, straight from work. 

"You're up for some rojak??" I turned to my hubby the soonest I settled in the passenger seat, with a big grin :D

We ordered 1 jagung ais, 1 small rojak, and some cucur udang... Yup! We shared everything, perfect for Table For Two. 

Owwwwhhhhhh... sedap! ;)

We sapu habis! :)

We headed home right away afterwards...

Like any other old married couple (ssshhhh..!), we walked together hand in hand (hahaa... we didn't lah!) towards the calming fish pond area to enjoy the almost-sunset evening, and savor on the green ambiance till quarter past 6.

... A nice way to end a work day, don't you agree? :)

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