Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Little Niece Nia

Nia with her eldest cousin, Kak Ayu

Niece Nia, her older siblings with my brother in-law & sister in-law flew back to KL earlier this month, after a long 6 months extended stay here in Kuching since 2011 Hari Raya. Sis in-law Gee gave birth prematurely to Nia on 1st September last year and Nia had to stay inside the incubator for 2 whole months before being discharged in November. Of course, the doctor couldn't let Nia fly the following months as she wasn't really strong enough just yet and had to be under strict supervision & care.

The house is so quiet now... Arman plays the bicycle all by himself. It used to be him together with my nephew Eshan (Nia's 5 year old brother). 

Since Nia was discharged from the intensive care unit last November, I haven't gotten the chance to hold her in my arms... as I was always dirty (returning home from work), or she was sleeping and most of the time, I was having bad coughs and flu, with fever sometimes.  It was pure luck that on 11th March two weeks ago I was in my 'tip top' self :D

I got to hold her the longest but sadly, that was the only time, the morning before they all flew back to KL at noon.

Nia with her Wa Ida
"Wa Ida's shirt is super fresh and Wa Ida scrubbed herself clean 
just for you today darling.."

6 months old Nia, heeheee.. a bit tiny for her age but she's so strong now :)

"There... there... Nia, this is the kitchen. 
Come back soon and we'll cook together ya??
Errmm... You cook for Wa Ida lah ok?"  =)

So sweet isn't she. Miss her so ...  :(
Napping before leaving for the airport 

"Waaa... Too tight, too tight Wa!"

Bye little niece, hope we'll see you real soon sayang.


:: nia rashid :: said...

hello lil Nia..this is Aunty Nia! (i dnt think kakak wud be appropriate anymore kan?) she's adorable la kak ida! lil Nia's bday is 1st Sept ya? mine is 1st June...hehe kebetulan!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Halo Big Nia!

Hehee... If sama lah the b'day sure I dah mesti janji nak bagi u present, no?? *phewwww... nasib baik!* :p LoL

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