Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Stress Remedy

And the hunt begins...

'Sayang, take me out shopping today.' That was an order from lady of the house.

Work has been so so hectic last week and yes, I was still very very tired, mentally drained-out, but, relieved (a brief one, more events coming O_O). I should be staying home and try to relax yesterday (Sunday), instead I dragged my hubby to The Spring to hunt for new shoes, for the both of us. His work shoes have holes in them, he has said that to me like weeks ago... Yea, he's been walking around with wet socks half the time. *sigh* Heheeheee..

If it has not been for my aching back, I would have gone home with a much lighter purse. Only managed to hunt around Parkson, got myself a new work shirt (so love!!) and a new pair of almost-flat Hush Puppies.

'Sayang.... You're lookin' so sexy in those new shoes!' ;)

Cuteness overload!! Aaawwww... I so LOVE :D

'Don't get the ones with the over-the-top ribbons baby...' -hubby

'But I like these OTT ribbons Banggg...' -BL

'They look too much laaa....' -hubby

'Well, I like them.' -BL

*looking away with a little -sigh-* -hubby

'You see, the only part that's gonna be Over The Top on me are the shoes, my outfits are always very very simple and no fuss one. So..., we're balanced.' -BL

*Yes Ma'am look* -hubby

I really needed the shopping-going-out-distracting-myself-from-work thingy... The whole of last week was hell. Well, urrmm... so to speak. My lunch on Friday was at 4pm (in between running up & down the site office and managing a messy venue setting up, hmmm..), then only water till 12midnight. My dinner was the entertainment from my Kubah Ria Idol hopefuls. Saturday morning I had a bowl of Koko Krunch. Then helping out my colleagues to get the Pesta Kubah Ria 2012 launching done and over with till noon, (again, no lunch) with success! My next meal was at 5pm, nibbling on sampling the food (as a judge, & emceeing too... fuhhh!) served by 9 tables competing for the Kubah Ria Young Chef title. Alhamdulillah, all three events went off without a glitch. 

Yes, you heard me. 3 events within 24 hours...! From Friday 7pm, till Saturday 7pm. 3 events. WoW!! Putting these down in words only then I realized; 

What The Hell Were We Thinking???!! X_X

Oh MaN. But we managed to pull everything through... Though there were some very very stressful moments up to the last minute, but no one noticed the flaw. How did we do it?? We had a very supporting team :) That's the true secret to a successful event y'all!

More pics on our events, visit our FB page ya! >>> BuzzKUCHING Facebook 

Have a good week people :D

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