Thursday, March 1, 2012

March's Resolution

Being extra nice to people doesn't mean you've earn their respect. Yes, they do like you a whole lot! But only because whenever they need some things done, you're just a text away and poofff!'re there at their service. I have learned to always remind myself where I came from, and not to get all tristful and too downhearted if met with the unappreciative affluent circle. Letting them 'use' you for their own benefits on a few occasions is fine, but after awhile you will start to notice the pattern. The hurt is honestly not worth your energy. 

Trying to fit in because you just want to matter. You just want to be the one who they can turn to and to be regarded as one of them. Exhausting exercise, don't you agree?

From what I observe, people who say less, with very minimal expression get more attention and respect. Well, not all the time, but, most of the time... Giving out extra information, would be dubbed at 'saying too much' sometimes. Talking too fast, explaining so much in detail with deep intense emotional facial expression is said to be being dramatic, thus, losing the interest by your surroundings in a matter of minutes. That sucks! You're not just losing the undivided attention you sought for, you're losing their respect at the same time... "what is this woman mumbo-jumboing about... errgghgh..."

So, try to say a lot less, and don't be a doormat or slave to some ungrateful people... Ermm, actually, don't be a doormat to people. If you let it, if you let yourself get bullied, you'll end up depressed with overwhelming feeling of low self-esteem. 

A woman looking all dolled up and ridiculously beautiful if twinned with a loud mouth isn't attractive at all. Worse if coupled with 'berlatah'. -oh man- Not pretty people! No offence ya to those of you who 'berlatah'... One or two words is cute, but too much is a nuisance. I too 'berlatah' sometimes, so, if I say much much lesser, I can avoid that ugly habit :) Hope you're with me on this one.

I'll try to stay mum on things that has nothing to do with me...
I'll keep my hands to myself, and look elsewhere if my urge to say something
starting to boil inside ready to explode through my mouth.
That's March's resolution :)


Nur68 said...

Nice entry here and am with you. I made similar resolution when I turned 40. It was not easy cos initially but am going there..first thing first, take it slow n easy..hehehe

Alv0808 said...

i'm with you too. I've been in that situation and I learnt a lesson :). Thanks for the post..

Coffee Girl said...

Nice back view. =)

Ida BorneoLove said...


You girls have a great weekend ya? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Just your silent reader here...:)
Definitely with you on this!

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