Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Love What I Do For A Living

LoL !

Can I sell or what??! Heeehee.... Now, you think Maggi will hire me?? ;)
Chef was biting his lips the whole time while I was at the display table :p

*I'll be outta of a job if I let her speak for another hour*

These photos were shot by my colleagues. I usually would prefer to have two cameras around, just in case. Man, I sure show a lot of emotions in the pics, don't I ?

Errkkk... very visible double chin O.O

"You better get that instant noodle ready.. like right now!"

"Who ate my Maggi mee?? Really, please be honest here..."

Chef Muluk of Maggi
doing his thing ;)

"Okay Chef Muluk, I can't let you enjoy feasting on the fabulous beautiful looking food all by yourself now, right?? Le't make a deal. You let me sample and judge with you, I'll leave your display table alone :D" 


Ohh... golly! Makan time!!

"Where're your manners girl?? I should have just let you have the display table..."

"Point Of Assessment For Ida: Eats everything."

ME - "Really? You only used Secukup Rasa??"
CHEF - "...dhaaaa..."

Our very own Sarawakian Celebrity Chef Muluk (for Maggi) was the Head Judge at last  Saturday's cooking contest. Thank you so much Chef for your support, flying all the way from KL just for the event. We thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and charisma. Having you at our Kubah Ria Young Chef cooking competition has put the contest at a higher standard. Hope to see you again soon Chef! :)

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