Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He Makes Me Laugh In All Seriousness

This pic makes me giggle. Whenever he's in this 'mode', I can't help but feel ticklish all over... I'll just continue to observe, till he starts to notice. Somehow, the longer he's so engrossed in the things (mostly work; notebook, BlackBerry, laptop) he's so focused with, the smaller his mouth becomes :)) LoL. Hahaa, so cute! It's like his mouth would curl and curl and shrink even more when his brain starts expanding with thoughts & details. I would be totally mean sometimes, so mean... I will interrupt in the midst of his deep thought, and say, "I think I wouldn't be able to hold myself together if ever we're fated to sit in one serious meeting. I'll laugh my head off if I have to watch you get all serious work-mode style for 2 straight hours!" Hmmm, guess my husband's even funnier to me when he's working, compares to when he's cracking a joke :D

1 comment:

Coffee Girl said...

ya namanya cinta... hahaha

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