Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Line

Hani came up with this creation while stuck at home during the one week school break last week, she is blossoming into a very creative person :)

"This is your time... study. Don't play play... Your time is now, don't waste it."

After awhile, my 'line' above didn't sound that serious anymore.
They'd giggle and would mock me word by word. 

"Maa.., you would say the same same thing each time.. Heeehehee."

Well ya, I didn't realize I've been giving the same 'speech' every time they're facing their exams. It WAS serious when they were much much younger, not anymore. So, I've refrained myself from saying 'the line' these days, because I'd grin to myself first before I could even get the message across! Except last week, when I texted Ayu, and I too has turned that 'line' into a little joke as well... while reminding my daughter to study well :)

Hmmm... I need a more creative, non-redundant, non-weary 'line'. 

I'll be leaving in a short while. Seri will know her SPM result real soon. 

Cannot imagine how she must be feeling right now, coz I'm a nervous wreck! 


Relaxed, comfortable and simple with a little burst of colour,
for a slightly stressed out morning

Soda cardigan sweater, thepoplook top & Weekenders pants

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