Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beauty Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night. 

Was attending a wedding and I had a tough time leaving the house trying to balance the ever smudging lipstick, with the rest of my face that was heavy with makeup. Kept giving touch ups onto my lips while worrying my hair was getting bigger and heavier and stiffer by the minute because too much hairspray and products were used. Not the makeup and hair, I'm guessing. It's just me. 

I still remember I had some heavy makeup put on for a cousin's wedding and I thought I looked hideous! Honestly, I did not like it. And had to pay a hefty RM50 to look extra pretty... -oh man-

I didn't enjoy wearing the makeup, but I love my darling friend Ani :)

Yup! Some of you may say the makeup looked, 'Okay What??'... Naaa... Me no like. I think I looked funny, with too much foundation/powder and so unnatural. The only things I liked about my look that day was the gorgeous borrowed earrings (which was killing me the whole time!), and the fake eye lashes :D

So, how to stay looking pretty and Ehemm... young always,
without having holes in your pocket?

One look at the pic above you may think I'm not talking sensibly especially when I'm talking about holes in the pocket. Yayaa... I know! I see it too. SK-II is very expensive. But, I've been using them wisely and I'm still on the second bottle of the miracle water, after over 2 years. This product is superb, if you're disciplined. I try to alternate with other products too but make sure you use the ones with sunscreen during the day. They all keep my skin hydrated and protected :)

The New & Trendy lotion (in pink bottle) is always a favorite of my hubby and I. When we went on our first few dates, I always had this lotion on me and the lovely scent really mesmerized my hubby (my then boyfriend). So, we'd like to keep it in the family, so to speak... :D

Hmm.. well yeaa. Looking at all those face creams looks like I'm not going near any beauty counter anytime soon, I'm pretttty sure! Wokayy... That's for the face, for the hair. For my hair, I no fuss fuss one. Believe me, I'm not!

Notice that broken comb, oh ya! That's my magical comb for the crowning glory I'm proud of. If I were to comb my hair, I won't be brushing it, I prefer large-teeth comb. But I'm not getting myself a new one, as this one is already the third one. I had one that broke into two when one of my daughters used it to comb her thick long hair ~_~ And it happened twice... So, I'll stick to using this third broken one. Broken but still use-able. 

I am blessed with good skin.. not perfect, but good. People still say I don't look my age. I mean, what woman not flattered by this compliment?? Always when I say I have 3 teenage girls and 1 young son, they think I'm kidding. But hey! I married young, and been popping out babies since I was like 19, so being 39 with four children makes sense. 

But, when I say I'm 39, I'm always told I don't look 39. Maybe one day I will look my age, if I start neglecting my health. If you asked me, yes. I don't feel my age, I feel younger each day. Makeup, expensive beauty creams, they don't make you look younger. I believe what makes a woman look young is happiness. Don't get me wrong. When I say feel young, does not mean you have to 'try' to look young. Dress your age, don't embarrass your children by trying to dress like a 20 year old. You will appear older if you try to defy your age. Adding more makeup or wearing tighter jeans will only make you ridiculous and  silly, and very old makcik-like. 

Girl! I love makeup, who doesn't!! Even men love them! You're supposed to wear makeup, but use it sporadically. Too much will ruin your skin, it will. Honestly, that's how I've maintain good skin. Good looking skin equals looking younger folks! :)

I'm going out today with my girls and my two heroes. Another crazy week is coming and again, I'm strucked with fever & flu two days ago. That's the third time in two months. My body is telling me to get more and better rest. Water, I should take more water... What I dread is going to the loo every hour. Aduhhh, lelas lah... :p Ok, for my own sake, I will drink more.

Not More Coffee!! More plain water missy!

Till next post, cheers!


Noa Hamrin said...

Despite of that 'thick make up' that u claimed, u sure have beautiful skin :-) i m jealous, n double jealous when u'd started popping out babies when 19! Cz i m already 28, struggling to hv babies n yet ppl think i m in my teen. So, i must maintain to take care of my skin lah, so dat i can age gracefully like you..hihi, idolizing moment :-)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Noa-with-a-unique-name,

I don't know what to say... Rasa flattered ada, terharu pun ada, and definitely happy bila dengar your comment, and puji pujian :D

Thank you so much. The sharing not at all meant to angkat bakol, really. If semua readers dapat terima my tips & experiences positively like Noa, I am so very grateful to all for that. Syukor alhamdulillah :)

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