Monday, March 19, 2012

All For My Babies

We were doin' the 'people watching' thingy while waiting for hubby and my three other kids throwing money down the Game Arcade machines..

Multi tasking. I mean... kids nowadays... Really, aren't they the lucky lot!

Here she's in my top and my never-worn-yet MNG belt...

Boss no. 2, yes he is. Who's Boss no. 1..? Moi lah!! heeheee..
Remote controls are ever ready for him when he wakes up

Been awhile since I posted my kids' photos. Had a lot of fun shopping with the girls yesterday, "Get whatever you want girls! But ermm..., minus the ones with RM100 over price tags ya, tq."

I imagine most people would go shopping at the beginning of the month or right after pay day, at the end of month. Well, that seldom happens to me. Sometimes I don't even know it's already payday! Always caught up with work, gaji masok pun I don't realize... hissshh!

Doesn't matter... what's important, whenever all my kids are around, and whenever budget permits, I will take them out on a shopping spree. Penat lelah all for them, all for my babies. The look on their faces when I told them Mama belanja shopping today, Ahhhh..! Simply happiness to me :D 

Thank you Allah...

One shot for March 2012


Chii said...

yup2 agree. i always feel happy whenever my parents announce they want to blanja makan or shopping :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Chii... soon when my kids are already working, i get each one to belanja me each week in a month :D

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