Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Rest More

with team era

I shouldn't be up this late. 

Sitting there in the doctor's office Friday night made me wonder... I was counting fingers trying to figure out how many times I've taken the seat in few short months. My last doze of anti biotics was about two weeks ago. Last night, I had to be prescribed yet again another round of super jumbo size of anti biotics.

I didn't even believe it myself. Feeling overworked, mentally & physically exhausted has caused me to fall ill again. Since earlier this week, I could feel my immune system was at its weakest, but I ignored the signs. By Thursday night, my nose was totally blocked and I was having a horrible painful sore throat, I thought, NnnnOOOOOOO!!

No choice, had to drive myself to the clinic... Yup, it was a dreadful timing. Sayang had to be outstation at the time I needed him the most -____- Major bummer. And what perfect timing it was, another big event was on the way. Grand!

with team sarawak tribune, catsfm, myfm, erafm, kfc and some very sporting members of the public, who came together to make Saturday's 'Couples of the Day' an event to remember :)

I'm not so sure if I can use this phrase to describe my day, 
'What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger'

My horrible flu (with slight fever) did't kill me (syukor alhamdulillah..) but it truly did make me stronger. I had to be extra strong and toughened myself up to make sure everything went by as smoothly as possible. Thank god it's over! *phewwwww!*

It was quite an occupying week, normal for me actually but, it was a bit different than usual. I was really feeling under the weather the whole time. In the midst of all that, I was given the honor to be one of the judges for the 7th Floor CNY celebration on Wednesday. That was kinda cool, and fun too! :)

Promise I'll take extra care of myself. Drink more water, take my vitamins and of course, REST MORE.


thanx Deb sweetie!

7th floor CNY celebration


stresssik said...

happy 20th anniversary...

your entry is full with love..

we are from bintulu, still newbie as blogger..kindly support us at

p/s: followed your beautiful blog

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thank you... errmmm Stress :D

Will follow back, appreciate your stopover :)

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