Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sarawak Bloggers ...

... Featured In Tribune2.

Coffee Girl, a member of Sarawak Bloggers 
is in today's 5.2.2012 Sunday Tribune Tribune2

What an achievement! *STANDING OVATION* 

And such a wonderful recognition to fellow blogger Coffee Girl *glitter glitter* to have her writings published in one of the local major newspapers on this beautiful Sunday :) *tompang gumbira 'D' darling!* :)

So cool.... Congratulations Sarawak BloggersI am a very proud Sarawakian Blogger :') *sob...sob... terharu*

:p Ok sorry sorry! Don't need no drama now. It's a happy happy day today peeps :D

See....? Hard work, true desire to succeed, perseverance... are just some of the key ingredients that one needs to acquire that would eventually lead to the road that will bring us to the point where reaching for the stars is not an impossible dream! What great traits to live by. Hmmm.. I also want to follow Sarawak Blogger's traits laa..

*dreammyyy...* *when ahh to have my square-with-hidong-tak-mancong face on the front cover of major newspapers??* -___-

To Sarawak Bloggers, this is just the beginning. I am sure You have a lot more in store (activities, media recognition, accomplishments etc.) for the whole world to see. Cheers & keep up the good work!

Oh Ya! I love Tribune2.
Had my share of  'The Moment' too ;)
Soooo happy for semua orang!



∂α∂уαиα said...

whoaaa. congrats! you guys are truly an inspiration. ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Thank you so much bebeh! :-) :-) just happy to start the ball rolling! im sure a lot more out there, including yerself, are very talented writers and will be featured one day! :-) Muuaaahhh!!

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