Thursday, February 23, 2012

My 2 Days Sick Leave

Was dreading it, had no choice but to attend.

Not that I wasn't at all supportive or excited of the coming Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2012, but, I'm telling ya... You wouldn't want to be me yesterday afternoon. If it was just an internal thing, I didn't have to be too overly conscious of the uncomfortable, horrid and yucky noises I was making... errggghhh... -oh man-

I really need to stay away from people for awhile... First, I've contaminated enough air already, and second, my runny nose & the deep on-and-off cough is really making me uncomfortable around others. Gosh!! The STB meeting room didn't deserve to have a virus-carrier seated in its nice chair. Left the meeting twice for a big cough outside the room, and to blow my stinky runny nose -.-

It wasn't easy trying to sniff in the thick mucus inside your nose discretely you know, the whole time...!

Thank god the meeting went really well. *thumbs up blocked nose!*

I'm feeling so puffed! After like six days enduring a terrible flu, I am still at it. Sayang even suggested I'm not taking my medicines properly. "I've been taking them religiously sayang!" I said to him, with the largest pout. That was upsetting to hear. As if I purposely didn't want to get better... Yes, I was being dramatic, it was deliberately done. *attention please!! (?)*

So, my boss gave me a green light to take two days of sick leave. I guess she got disgusted and had enough of my non-stop snorting sneezing and mucus-snuffling drama. *hmmm...* It was a real relief though... In my condition, being all cooped up in a heavy air-conditioned room all day long is the last thing I need. Thank you Puan!! ;)

Early Thursday morning, @ McDonald's KIA

Coincidentally, sayang too was on leave today. His parents have stuff to settle in KL so Seri & I accompanied him driving my in-laws to the airport this morning. Heehee... well actually, it was the Big Breakfast we had our stomachs on.

"Seri, your hair needs trimming. It's tooooo long alraydehh!"

My daughter's reply, "mmmmmmm....."

"Ma, why are you still looking all puffy?? You got bags under your eyes lorrr..."

My respond, *I wanna strangle you dear daughter!*

"Must be all the medicines sweetie. Drugged... I'm totally drugged." 

*ya right*

After breakfast, caffeine overload, KIA parking lot

Late Thursday morning, @ home, patio

Loved this moment. Reading the paper with cool morning breeze blowing into my shiny healthy hair (result of NH cola plus, thank you) surrounded with greens :)
I wanna be a billionaire, so I can do this everyday, all day.

I made sure sayang was sitting way awayyyy from me! I don't need smoke in my air. His favorite moment, rollin' rollin' rollin"!! Yup, rolling tobacco inside
small pieces of papers, 
Tastes better than ordinary ciggies he says.

Fresh air is just what I need :D

Midday Thursday noon, @ KFC Satok, lunch for Arman

 Thursday afternoon, @ rest

Friday morning, rest. Friday afternoon 3pm, meeting with GM.
Right now (Thursday evening, 7pm), off to clinic. I need you to sign a two-day sick leave for me Doc :D


Chii said...

Sis! U take NH colla plus? Can u do a review on it?

I want to start taking collagen but I need a review that will convince me :)

Coffee Girl said...

Oh tedah... Get well soon Ida! Sakit pun kitak tetap nampak vogue! ;P

love the view from the patio!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Chii... Don't feel like i'm the right person to d a review on this awesome product. What I can tell you now is, I get positive flattering comments on my hair. Before, it used to look dry and the messy looking isn't looking as sexy as it sounds. I honestly feel my hair is bouncier, smoother, and less less drier these days. It actually feels silkier!

You can go to its fb page and they are very interactive as they answer all your curiosities.

Or, you can download the leafleat here...

The details were enough to convince me, hope it will do the same to you too :)

Coffee girl... tq love! Yes, much better now, though i still sound like i'm talking through my nose :D

Chii said...

Ok! :))

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