Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had a funny feeling when you snapped this pic couple of weeks ago sis...
Was thinking, is this shot gonna be one of those that're going to be 
stored inside the 'memory lane' album...? Betolll

Doesn't matter you're colleagues for 10 years, 10 months, 2 weeks... somehow your co-workers become your extended families, just by sharing stationeries and the copy machine :) 

We've gone through so much together, pulling each other's hair fighting over who gets to use the fax machine first is routine for us here in our little office. And of course the pantry... It is 'D' never-ending battleground! Elvie always gets her way around the pantry area, MILO, HORLICKS, NESCAFE, CHOCOLATE DRINK, CANNED DRINKS, NASI LEMAK, KFC, she will clean they all up in a matter of days!! All by herself ~_~


Errm....... we don't have all the above in our pantry, do we??

Okay, I was making up stories. 

Guro dear =)

Miss Kumang

Miss... Miss Pumpkin :D

Miss World Walking Day

Miss Doorgift
'Erppp! No, not for you boss, they're for the press.'

Miss Rainforest

Miss Interframe :p

Miss Registration

'Wahh! So many shopping vouchers!!
Kak Ida... we're going shopping after this, no??'

Me: 'Mimpi."

Will rindu you sista :/

Sad, yea... but so true. Wish it's a dream, but it's not. She's leaving us. You know, great colleagues are hard to find. I'm fortunate to have very supporting, crazy-headed, selfless people to work with. That includes Elvie. When she decided to resign, one of the things that came to my mind was how less lively and boring my events would be without having her around. Yes, she is one of my most reliable colleagues... Ahh wait! In fact, all my colleagues are 100% relible!! Sucks. Sucks that we're going to lose a fun co-worker.

But, life goes on. She's venturing into a better opportunity, we can't be more happy for her. Just do pop in whenever you're around the shopping mall, ya V? We're gonna have a fridge full with your favorite titbits when you come by :D

All the best in your future undertakings Elvie
We Love You! :)

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