Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friends To Strangers

Do we need to be careful with whom we chose to be close to?
*with my awesome colleagues, and friends*


Tell me who doesn't need friends... Please, tell me. 

Announcing to a friend after hearing a happy news is what most of us would do, normal. You have a cry in your heart that you need to let out, who do you call?? A friend, and your mom of course, if you get a promotion. 

Have you ever thought how your friend actually feels after learning of your wonderful news? You are a very lucky person indeed if you have a friend who would shed tears of joy for you.

S found out the friend whom she shared her home with, whom she recommended to a close relative to fill a job vacancy, whom she introduced to her other close friends, whom she confided with on personal details about her relationships... has been the enemy within. Let us call S's friend N.

One of the appalling things that S found out what N did was (as revealed by a mutual friend) telling their friends how S described them as 'sampah' (garbage). S couldn't believed what she was hearing, more and more were unveiled by a trusted friend on how N has been going around telling their other friends about S's private matters, and even added extra spices to her story telling voyage.

S would walk over to her friends' table and some of them had said how unnerving S was to join them at the table even after labelling them as garbage (this was revealed to S by another close friend). S joined her friends to eat & drink together, like how they always have, not knowing that her friends were feeling resentful towards her that time. Imagine S, thinking back when she was sitting there laughing and eating, while in fact her friends were frowning inside at the sight of her. Thank you N on a job well done.

S & N even went on shopping trips together outside the city. While on one of the trips, N with another of their friends, Z, would badmouth and curse on S whenever they had the chance, and S thought they were having a great time together while N & Z were stabbing her back. S learned of this too from another friend who was on the same trip. Yes, some very grateful friends S had, N & Z managed to get the jobs they have now through S's recommendation. Super!

S was completely baffled. "What did I do wrong Kak Ida?? I even put in good words for them just so they had better chances to get hired..." -___-

I understand S's frustration... Not exactly because she would be missing more trips together, or the long text messages they used to share through the night. She's just so puzzled that there are individuals out there who treat their friends like dirt. There was no consoling-of-a-broken-heart session needed from me, as S was actually quite relieved about not having to have to be close friends with N nor Z nomore.

A mutual friend has revealed to S about N's unethical conduct on social media circles. N enjoys expressing her dissatisfaction and anger through her BBm and FB stats, which truly shows the kind of person she truly is. Harsh and vulgar words are never far from her vocabs. Satirizing others through her social media status is her forte. So, S didn't loose much. S was just a little bit unlucky to be met with a loser, that's all.

Girls, please, make it possible not to curse or use bad ugly language on social media sites... Be it twitter, fb or BBm. Really, if you are pretty on the outside or even talented in whatever form, this kind of behavior that you show in words actually show how ugly your inside truly is, like N. S was left wondering (only for a short while) what on earth did she ever do wrong to N. I'm documenting this little life lesson not to defend S, but to share S's experience. And this post is not about S alone either...

S, and to those of you who were unfortunate enough to have encountered with a low-life like N, I have a simple advice. Remember not to turn into N. People like this are actually lonely, pathetic, attention seeker and low-class! In time, your friends will eventually find out the truth, like some of S's friends have. 

After finding out what N has been doing behind her back, S has nothing much to say to N. She was angry at first, can you blame her? But I told her to just stay calm, be civilized, be a lady and take a step back... S listened. N contacted her couple of weeks ago, but S didn't want to say much and with that gesture, it was enough for N to delete S from her friends list. Hmmm..., N's guilty conscience whispered to her that S have heard the things she had said. Somehow N felt the distance I guess, and decided to block S from her profile, much to S's relief. Yup! S was so happy as a matter of fact, no more N's annoying daily 'words of wisdom' (only morons thinks that vulgar words are intelligent) contaminating her friends' daily updates timeline.

N has successfully made herself a stranger to S now.

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