Monday, February 13, 2012

Feel Good Outfit

With my 'A Song For My Valentine' top winners

Twin sister Ina was yapping-comments on my wall saying I should be more discipline taking Evening Primrose Oil if I don't want to be strickened with the monthly pre-mentrual physical crisis, as what I'd call it. My head was throbbing with splitting headaches since Saturday wedding and it escalated to the night, in my sleep (awakened by a sudden 'pound' in my head) and till the whole day of Sunday. 

-oh man-

'This can't be happening...' I said to myself when I woke up on Sunday morning, grabbing my crown as if that would make the headache go away. Headache need to go, because it's event day O_O

What am I to do?

'How are you gonna work like this Dek.' Sayang expressed his concern.

-____- only managed to give him that look.

Like how the saying goes, The Show Must Go On! Headache no headache, I went down to work at 10am, after a 9am nasi lemak with my darling sayang hubby.... Eerrr, I'm in a kinda lovey dovey mode now, though am still physically mentally exhausted ~_~ Well ya, he keeps me going :D

Our 'A Song For My Valentine' ended at 5:30pm. And yes, the nasi lemak was my only meal till I had another meal (not calling it dinner anymore... 'a meal' means one that only managed to be grabbed when time permits) at 8:30pm, almost 12 hours from the last meal. Sayang said I was already looking like a zombie, ate like a zombie. Wasn't that hungry anymore actually, I was just feeling totally drained out.

Kids wanted to have the kueh tiaw basah, so I packed my 'meal' for takeaway.
No one said anything when I said I wanted a plate of the kueh tiaw too.
I ate in silence, slowly, feeling so so exhausted and dead tired...
with a headache.

Mona and I
Always ready for the camera with a smile,
body aches, headaches, heartaches, not the time to show :)

Love the Levi's with my decade old shirt! Belt stayed in place, no spill-out, not extra belly fat jiggling episode ;) Perfectly tucked in :D

Thank god for a super comfortable outfit! Honestly, I really believe the outfit helped. If I had put on something that would've made me feel annoyed at my every move, I think someone's head would have become a victim to the mic I was holding during the 4 hour event already... But that didn't happen today =)

So, be sure to pick the correct clothing, when everything feels good (not to mention 'stays' in place), you feel good, when you feel good, you will surely look good :D


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Yeah..sometimes, good or not good, we have to perform right?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Correct Willie, it's our responsibilities. Can't simply call the boss and say you're taking mc today.

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