Monday, February 6, 2012

Doa For Baked Potatoes

Arman got hungry again after he had nasi lemak for a late breakfast at 10am this morning... He's been wanting me to make him sausages the past few days but I kept giving him excuses like it was almost dinner and all because I know the chicken franks don't do any good to your diet, specially children.

Still, I will try to fulfill the kids' cravings whenever time permits and I'll make sure they have had a proper meal hours earlier. So! To go with the sausages, I decided to bake some potatoes... Ooooooohh...! Yummmmyyyy! ;)

Skin potatoes, cut into desired size, placed inside a baking dish/tin, add Maggi secukup rasa, pepper, salt, oil and a whole garlic. What I did, I dumped a whole garlic (after cutting it in half, and rinse off) in with skin on. This gives the potato dish a lovely aroma, and plus, I love roasted/baked garlic. I tell ya, the garlic tastes so sweet and soft, and goes so well with the baked potatoes, sausages and chili mayo dip. 


And, after almost an hour baking inside the oven...

I prepared a simple dip, mayonnaise mixed with chili sauce  (wicked!!)

Oh ya! I chewed everything down. Baked garlic is so good for you :)
...with two pieces of sausages

Arman was forced to do his homework, this is his reaction ~_~

Of course, when he saw a plate of sausages with baked potatoes served to him, 
he said the biggest thank you to me and recites a 'doa' right away before 
enjoying his favorite snack :)


mr_abs said...

superfine. lapar diat :s

Ida BorneoLove said...

memang menyelerakan. masak memang lama sikit but penyediaan amatlah mudah :)

Coffee Girl said...

i know how simple and yet how divine this is. yummy! potato! one of the most flexible food around, and can go with anything!

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