Sunday, February 26, 2012

By Choice, Not Sacrifice

So the old man has married yet again, this time to a divorcee. I know his first wife, she is a very wonderful Mak Haji. In fact, she was the one who proposed to her husband's second wife. The divorcee is his third wife now. The funny part was, if I heard right, a very close relative of mine was offered an opportunity to expand the family empire... This was how it was disclosed to him;

'Eh, there's one. Maybe you'd like..." Mmmm. That easy kahh? Hmmm...

Any of you who hasn't watched Ombak Rindu, go watch. For a wife like me, watching Ombak Rindu reminds me to always have patience and be gentle in whatever way, whenever around my husband. It works each time!

Say, even the kind-hearted, always-tolerant Izzah had a tough time accepting that her husband had no choice but to marry another. 

"Hati Izzah bagai dihiris hiris..." ~ Ombak Rindu

Not many woman would choose to live this life, sharing a husband with other women isn't what most of us foresee in our marriage. If we were destined to share, it should be by choice, not sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes brings heartache and anguish. It is said that if a woman is willing with all her heart to her husband's desire to have more than one wife, she will be granted a place in heaven, for sure, InsyaAllah. 

But, you would only let your husband take a second wife because of your love for him, only for him. So I guess, that would be sacrificing your own feelings, correct? Choosing to accept your predicament takes a strong heart, mind, body & soul. Honestly, I don't think I have that strength, for now. 

The cheese cake I baked for my family yesterday :)
*with extra choc chips!*

This I've got to share with you ladies... I think, each of us woman must at least have some experience of venturing into business. It doesn't matter if you're a clerk, a manager, a housewife, single or married, I think a woman should try her hands into entrepreneurship. I know, that word sounds too big, no? Don't be apprehensive, you just have to try, big or small. Try. 

Try sewing, or bake some cakes. Create an online shopping web page, or rent a space at a shopping mall. Just be sure to know what you want to sell. Nasi lemak?? Ohhh... that'd be great! Set up a little stall in front of your house or, bring some to the office for your colleagues to buy. Again, just be sure it's yummy. Can't cook or bake?? Try..., learn. Learning new skills is always a great milestones. 

I don't know why I suddenly came up with this thought, I just think all of us women should try to make some income from a little business. It could go either way, you might enjoy it or maybe you'd be miserable at it, but you know you did try.

With four children to care for, I've made my annual Hari Raya expenditure a non-stressful one. I made a choice to learn how to bake a good quality cheese cake and I've been making some very handsome income throughout the years, during Hari Raya in particular. With the money I made from this little business, I was able to buy what my family need for our Hari Raya. Clothes, satay, new shoes... Mostly from the sales of my cheese cakes, syukor alhamdulillah. 

Choosing a man who cannot buy most things we women desire is no sacrifice. You don't sacrifice materials for love. You choose to have love, over material. Throughout our 23 years together, I've learned that your dreams to have all the wonderful holidays, nice cars, bigger comfortable home will die out eventually, but your happiness stays. What's important is what you have now... Enough income to give proper educations to your children, a car to get to the supermarket to buy soaps, a home with cable tv to go back to and of course, your healthy loved ones. 

Hmmm... I've been talking about few different topics here. Mumbling :)

Congratulations Suha & Yazzid! :)

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