Monday, January 9, 2012

Pluck Your Armpits

My daughter was giving her father a haircut yesterday but she couldn't go through with the shaving of her's Papa's neck area... It gives her the tingles she said. Afraid that she might cut him she added. 

"Mama, you gotta help me with this one..." Seri called out to me. 

While I was shaving my husband's neck, I couldn't help but wonder how my armpits would look if they were shaved! Oh ya..! World, I don't shave my armpits. 

There! I said it. 

I've been thinking about sharing this little private matter on my blog for awhile now and from my browsing on other blogs the past years, I haven't come across anyone 'talking' about this (if I may say), 'beauty regime'. Maybe someone did write about it, maybe... I may have missed because I've not done enough blog walking. Heeheee... Not a very interesting topic to share I guess. Nonetheless, I'd like to share mine here. Let me... :)

I've always known that shaving is not not not good for your armpits. I don't have a special routine on how to take care of your armpits or anything like that, just to share what I myself practise. Gotta take care of this little area ladies, never neglect them. And I for one, am not comfortable if the hair under my arms is showing. I feel that it would be embarrassed if my husband ever stumbled upon... my hairy under arms ;)

Stubby armpits aren't attractive... Not that they are for show.

Well, these days they ARE for show. Notice all the deodorant ads on TV? Awhile ago, the model would apply the product giving her back to the camera, and the armpit seemed like one of the most 'privatest' part on a woman's body, but now... NOW there's no more shame showing off armpits on TV! Hmmm, you tell me what is there to be shameful about when the armpits on TV now literally stop traffics..! Nice.


Auwwww...! Sexy. Very sexy indeed.

So smooth and fair.

Don't know if I should go into detail ho...


My armpits aren't stubby, and not darkened. Why? Because I never shave and I never use deodorant. That's all there is to it. 

They're selling the 'whitening' kind in the market now and I do wonder, do they actually work? Can they actually whitened darkened underarm? If you're thinking (& trying) to get that cute smooth silky looking armpit above, I guess you can try the whitening deodorant, but, stop shaving. If you do have stubs later for quitting the shaving routine, pluck. Pluck pluck pluck! I'm sure the dark stain (sub-surface hair) will be less visible if you continue on plucking, and stop shaving. 

I found this site, it should give you better understandings what are the causes of darkened armpits. And 'picking' on those little pimple (Oh ya! They do sometimes appear at the most unusual places, no??) and ingrown hair is, a No No. If you have younger sisters, advice them  not to start shaving their armpits. Shaving sounds a lot faster but, you wouldn't like the look of your underarms in the long run. And plucking actually saves you a lot of time because hair grows slower where as shaving needs to be done few times (or more) a week. Some people do it everyday! I don't have that luxury, the luxury of lurking in the mirror getting rid of the hair under my armpits too often, that's why I'm glad I pluck :)

Okay! That's out of my armpits... I meant, my system. 
Hahaa... Visit the site. You will understand more :)


nina bakri said...

heheh... i dont shave either but i dont pluck either. it hurts my neck and head too much. but i WAX! yup. wax is plucking+shorter time+removes skin cells dah mati= cleaner armpits and armpit xhitam... ^^ its up to urg gik lah mok hot wax or cold wax.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hey Nina,

Thanx a lot for enlightening us ;)

True, I believe waxing will do a lot of good. Much better compares to plucking. But the hot wax and cold wax is something new to me! Coz i never go about on surveying this beauty routine, ever. Heehee... Thanx again Nina!

Anonymous said...

welcome aunty. u shud really try them since ure always deprived of time... =p see u soon in kch ^^

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hahaaa... we'll see. Facial pun sikda masa apa agik nak nyabut bulu!! :p

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